5 Best Books To Understand The World

Books are often a great tool to understand the world around us and our place in it. Whether you’re looking to explore philosophy, history, politics or human nature, there’s no shortage of books that offer wisdom and perspective on our lives. We’ll explore five of the best books out there for gaining a deeper understanding … Read more

Book Review : A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW by Amor Towles

A Gentleman In Moscow by Amor Towles - Book Review

Gripping and captivating right from the moment we meet Count Rostov, a hapless victim of post-Tsarist Russia’s politics, as he begins a lengthy internal exile within the Hotel Metropole in a 1922 Moscow, Amor Towles’ ‘A Gentleman in Moscow‘ delights and entertains us through ups and downs that might quell a lesser man – but … Read more

Book Review : THE CELLIST by Daniel Silva

In this spy thriller ‘The Cellist‘, the daring assassination of a Russian agent inside his heavily guarded fortress in London sets off a hunt for the people behind it – and uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy with world-shaking consequences. ‘The Cellist‘ is my first novel by Daniel Silva. And as this is one of my favorite … Read more

Book Review : SKYE FALLING by Mia McKenzie

Skye Falling by Mia McKenzie - Book Review

‘Skye Falling‘ is an engaging, often funny and touching novel about relationships, identity and modern technology-driven family extension. A world where donating eggs for IVF can have unintended and unimagined consequences, both for child and parent. ‘Skye Falling‘ begins with a bang. A forty-something lady wakes up with a terrible hangover, barely makes it to … Read more

Book Review : SALVATION OF A SAINT by Keigo Higashino

‘Salvation of a Saint‘ is a mind-bending mystery novel which will stretch your imagination to breaking point… and reveal a twisted, demented side to how far desperate people can go when pushed beyond a point! Okay, here’s the set up… As the story ‘Salvation of a Saint‘ opens, a Japanese man and his wife, Ayane, … Read more

Book Review : THE HENNA ARTIST by Alka Joshi

‘The Henna Artist‘ is a pretty complex, deep telling that uses the background of a royal family and a traditional artist to address the social mores and events of an earlier era. Personally, I dislike the term “Indian author“! A writer’s language of preference is an identifier… as in English author, or Spanish writer. But … Read more

Book Review : THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB by Richard Osman

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman - Book Review

Richard Osman’s ‘The Thursday Murder Club‘, notable as the most widely read debut novel of all time, is a murder mystery thriller with several unique twists that make it an intriguing read. An unconventional detecting team. A rather casually brutal crime. And an exciting expose. Together it all adds up to… a best seller. I … Read more

THE WOMEN IN BLACK by Madeline St.John

The Women In Black by Madeline St.John - Book Review

Reading ‘The Women in Black‘ by Madeleine St.John is like lying on a soft, warm, thick cushion or mattress on a cold night… and sinking ever so gently into a comforting embrace. The beautifully-told story slowly engulfs you, until before realizing it, you find yourself immersed in their dull, routine, mundane lives. “Now then. Young … Read more

Book Review : THE DRY by Jane Harper

Like any passionate fan of crime fiction, I’m an avid and eager student of human psychology. (Or maybe it’s vice versa, who cares?) And for that genre of reader, Jane Harper’s ‘The Dry‘ offers a virtual treasure trove of reading pleasure. I’ve always found it difficult to review a murder mystery. That’s because it’s often … Read more

Book Review : ‘MURDER MUST ADVERTISE’ by Dorothy Sayers

Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy Sayers - Book Review

It’s a ‘killer thriller’ – with a difference. ‘Murder Must Advertise‘ is a novel (and yes, there’s a reason I’m calling it a novel instead of a ‘murder mystery’ or ‘whodunit’) set in pre-War London and is a lovely exposition of life in those times. A lord of the realm postures as a regular employee … Read more