Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review (ASM 11 Review)

Have you been thinking about joining the Amazing Selling Machine 11 (ASM 11) course? Make sure you address these THREE important questions before even reading another Amazing Selling Machine 11 review!

Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review 2019 (ASM 11 Review)

Listen, this may not be like any other Amazing Selling Machine 11 review you’ve seen or read before!

I’m cutting right to the heart of the matter – and will address the 3 most important questions that should run through your mind whenever you see a banner ad or get an email message urging you to rush ahead and get Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark‘s ASM 11 (Amazing Selling Machine) coaching program.

If you plan to launch an online business on Amazon and are searching for ASM 11 reviews, you probably don’t want a rehash of details that are already on the ASM sales page here – or explained elegantly in 4 free tutorial videos on the official website.

Surely, you don’t want me to keep repeating routine stuff like what’s in the course, how to access it, which is the best way to study the material or – as I find explained in ridiculous detail in some ASM 11 reviews – how to pay for it!


You first want to know IF you should even join ASM 11 – or not.

I mean, Amazing Selling Machine 11 is a high-end, comprehensive training program that takes you through the soups-to-nuts details of setting up a thriving, profitable, automated drop shipping business on Amazon.

That’s clearly NOT for everyone.

A bit later in this Amazing Selling Machine 11 review, we’ll go deep into nitty gritty details about ASM 11. We’ll explore why it’s such a great deal for anyone who plans to launch a drop shipping business, and sell physical products on Amazon by leveraging the e-commerce giant’s processes and platform.


But first, let’s address the broader issues – because answers to these 3 questions will determine whether you should get the ASM 11 course at all.

  • Do you need ASM 11 – or not?
  • Do you want Amazing Selling Machine 11 – or not?
  • Can you afford ASM 11 – or not?

That’s all I’m going to help you answer in this review. Once you have the answers, you might decide to order ASM 11 on 16th October, 2019 when doors open to the next session.


You can then visit the ASM 11 sales page. Get more details about the course. If it’s right for you, then go ahead and sign up.

This Amazing Selling Machine 11 review is designed to help you get from where you are now – to a point where you’ll be well informed to decide if you should join Amazing Selling Machine 11.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review - ASM 11 review - Question 1

ASM 11 REVIEW QUESTION #1. Do You Need The Amazing Selling Machine 11 Course?

Translated differently, you can read this question as: Will I profit from what’s inside this program?

And that’s the first thing to address, because it really doesn’t matter how detailed or excellent the Amazing Selling Machine 11 content is – if you cannot profit from it, you don’t need it.

Also, as I mentioned a little earlier, ASM 11 is not ideal for everybody.

Although I’ve tried many different online business models, and run thriving niche minisites that sell physical products through Amazon’s affiliate program, I’ve never tried the drop shipping model. So Amazing Selling Machine 11 isn’t ideal for me, no matter how good it is.

But for anyone thinking about a new online business that’s

  • profitable to run,
  • convenient to manage, and
  • scalable to any size

this could be a great opportunity to explore.

ASM 11 is a very detailed training course to guide you step by step through the process of setting up a thriving, profitable, automated drop shipping business on Amazon.



There are, however, a few potential difficulties if you sign up to ASM 11 :

Amazing Selling Machine is a very detailed course

The course material alone includes over 100 video tutorials covering different aspects of building a fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) business on You can’t go through them all in a few hours, or days. Taking this course is a systematic process.

  • Watch a lesson.
  • Put what you’ve learned to work.
  • See the results.
  • Go to the next step.

It will need some discipline.

ASM 11 can be confusing in the beginning

You may get overwhelmed, unclear about which to implement first and what action to take next. Thankfully, there is an excellent Support Forum for members where you’ll find helpful volunteers from previous ASM course batches willing to guide you and show you how to work through the program.


The approach will take time and effort

If you’re looking for a ‘quick and easy‘ solution, stop reading this ASM 11 review right now – and go do something more useful! And if you read anyone else’s Amazing Selling Machine 11 review saying this is a lazy, easy way to get rich, know that they are lying!

So can you profit from what’s inside Amazing Selling Machine 11, and do you need the course?

Think about it and find the answer before moving on to the next question.

Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review - ASM 11 review - Question 2

ASM 11 REVIEW QUESTION #2. Do You Want It?

And if you do, why are you interested in buying it?

Because ASM 11 is a rather expensive course, it is really important to ask yourself if you want it badly enough – and if you do, then why.

As a business owner, you’ll make similar choices often. Your choices will be driven by ‘Return On Investment‘ (ROI) concerns. If you put a dollar into something, will it earn you more than a dollar (which is good) – or less (that’s bad)?

So let’s try and do an ROI based evaluation of ASM 11.

Matt and Jason are Proven Experts

They’ve been doing this for a long while. And this is the 11th edition of Amazing Selling Machine. Many of their students have grown into highly successful business owners. The ASM 11 review website is loaded with testimonials from many of these delighted trainees.

ASM 11 has Step by Step Instructions

Amazing Selling Machine 11 tells you exactly what to do if you’re setting up a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) business on You’ll get detailed instructions on every step. The lessons will cover

  • choosing the perfect niche market
  • sourcing items to sell
  • listing your product on Amazon
  • finding buyers for what you’re selling
  • building a brand that’s popular and profitable

The Support Forum is Active

You’ll not only get access to your coaches on live conference calls, but also be able to network with fellow entrepreneurs who have built successful drop shipping businesses on the ASM 11 model. Whatever you need help with, you’ll get it.

You’ll Have Templates

No more worries over what to say – and when. In ASM 11 you get readymade scripts for each step of the process, so you can speed up your learning curve and start making more sales – fast.


What’s Your Likely ROI From ASM 11 ?

Well, it depends on what you think it’s worth to

  • have world-class expert coaches guiding you
  • access a comprehensive training program
  • find the perfect niche markets to enter
  • learn to quickly launch a popular product
  • get reliable suppliers who are also inexpensive
  • reach out to an extended network for support


Clearly this is worth a lot. But specifically how much value this will bring you depends a lot upon your

  • desire to succeed,
  • drive and ambition,
  • business background,
  • financial status and
  • willingness to learn.

Many Amazing Selling Machine 11 reviews complain about the high cost of the program. I prefer to emphasize the value you’ll get for that price.

As long as your return is likely to exceed your investment, it’s a go.

Which brings us to the final important question.

Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review - ASM 11 review - Question 3

ASM 11 REVIEW QUESTION #3. Can You Afford It?

There are two parts to this question.

a. Will you lose a lot of money if you don’t have this course? In other words, can you afford NOT to get ASM 11 to help with your business?

b. Do you have the cash necessary to purchase the course?

We’ll discuss both aspects of this question, starting with who will benefit from Amazing Selling Machine 11.

Matt and Jason’s ASM 11 is ideal for any entrepreneur who is eager to start a business online.

  • You may have tried before – and failed.
  • You might have a great idea – but don’t know how to move ahead.
  • You’re maybe trying hard – but can’t get things to work.

If you’re one of these people, ASM 11 will be useful.


Amazing Selling Machine can help you get started quickly, avoid pitfalls and deadly mistakes, and find helpful resources rapidly so that you won’t lose money.

There are a few conditions, though…

  • You should be willing to work hard in the beginning
  • This isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ plan
  • You’ll need some more cash for inventory
  • You must have a plan for a business to build

If you’re in search of that elusive magic button that will make you rich tomorrow, give ASM 11 a miss. And if you have no idea of selling physical products online, don’t bother about this one.

But for everyone else who is eager to launch an online FBA drop shipping business, Amazing Selling Machine 11 is a good deal.

Provided, of course, that you have the cash to buy it!

No, it’s not cheap.

In fact, it’s quite expensive.

But remember what we just discussed about return on investment (ROI)? Well, dollar for dollar, you’d find it difficult to pick another program about building a business on Amazon’s platform that delivers higher value than ASM 11.

Of course, you shouldn’t mortgage your home or take crazy risks to be able to afford the course.

But if you have a modest ‘risk capital’ to invest into your business, and are only waiting until you find a guide that can take you by the hand and lead you safely and securely towards massive success, then this could be the right program for you.

So let’s return to the THREE CRITICAL QUESTIONS every ASM 11 review should address – but most actually avoid.

  • Do you need ASM 11 ?
  • Do you want Amazing Selling Machine 11 ?
  • Can you afford ASM 11 ?

When you are able to answer ALL THREE of them with a definite YES, then you should go ahead and sign up to the program here.

Either Amazing Selling Machine 11 is right for you… Or it isn’t.

If it is, go to the official website. Watch the 4 introductory videos. Get a feel of the program. Read this Amazing Selling Machine 11 review again, if you like. Then decide about joining ASM 11 – or not.


Don’t get carried away by all the hype. And please do NOT obsess over the ASM 11 bonuses and extras. Honestly, you won’t have time or energy to even go through any of them.

Listen, if you’re buying a $19 ebook and can get an extra bunch of bonus gifts worth $49 for acting now, it’s a good deal. But what you’re buying into with Amazing Selling Machine 11 is a premium coaching coursenot an ebook!

There’s EVERYTHING you need to build your FBA online business on right inside the ASM 11 program itself. What ‘bonus’ or ‘gift’ or ‘incentive’ or ‘extra’ could add more value than that?!

  • If you’ll need knowledge, the 100+ tutorials on every aspect of online selling will deliver it to you.
  • If you’ll need support, then a vibrant Member Forum has all the brain power you’ll need to tap for success.
  • If you’ll need expert advice, then the founder-coaches Matt and Jason are just a phone call away.

So ignore all the ‘ASM 11 bonus wars’.

Keep your eye on the ball. Assess the program for value. Decide if you’ll make a decent return on your investment.

And then, if you can afford to pay for it, go ahead and join the course.

If money is your only limiting factor, there’s good news!

ASM 11 offers an instalment paying plan where you can break up the total cost into 6 easy parts, and pay one each month.

If you click on this link to visit the official Amazing Selling Machine 11 website, you’ll find all the details you need to learn before hitting the order button.

Hopefully this Amazing Selling Machine 11 review was helpful in getting you from where you were at the start – to being ready to make an informed decision about launching your online FBA business on

I wish you all success.

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