Rescue Time Review

Do You Really Spend Your Days The Way You Want To? That’s the question the tool called ‘Rescue Time‘ can help answer. And this Rescue Time review will reveal its power, simplicity and value. One December I reviewed the year… and found that I’d logged 2,721 online hours. Out of this time, 19% was spent … Read more

Simpleology Review

Simpleology Review The Real Facts About Mark Joyner’s Powerful Personal Productivity Program Click here to access the Simpleology 5.0 coaching* So you want to simplify your life and become more efficient? Millions of people just like you and me are growing increasingly anxious, stressed and frustrated about how life is getting out of control. It’s … Read more

Content Creation U Review : by Jimmy D Brown

Content Creation U review

Content Creation U Review The Real Facts About Jimmy D.Brown’s Earncome Content Creation U Program   Click here to access the Content Creation U coaching* So you want to learn how to sell more, earn more, influence more people? If you run an online business, manage a website or publish a blog, you already know … Read more

How To Achieve Financial Freedom : A Personal Finance & Investment Primer

Financial Freedom

Personal Finance & Investing

Reading time: 1 hour
Lifetime value: $10,000 (or more!)

  • If I sat you down and promised to pay you $10,000 after you finish reading this primer on personal finance and investment, I’m sure you’ll do it right now.
  • If I convinced you that by reading it, you’ll make at least $10,000 over your lifetime, you’ll do it as soon as you have an hour or two to spare.

But I can’t.

So I’ll just hope you see its valueand do the smart thing!

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100 Years Later – Will It Still Matter?

I’m reading a collection of short stories by Agatha Christie. Many were published in the 1920’s. Suddenly, it struck me – Her writing is still relevant ONE HUNDRED YEARS later. Contrast this with most contemporary writing (e.g. blogs, news reports, even ebooks) with shelf life measured in minutes, hours, or (rarely!) days. What can YOU … Read more

Time Management Theory

3 Concepts To Transform Your Efficiency Theories abound whenever we explain something as complex as time. Time management theory underlies various training programs, presentations and courses that are designed to help you get higher efficiency in your work or life. Three of these powerful theories are explained in this report. “The 33:33 System” Do you … Read more