Black Friday Deal on Books by Dr.Mani

This year, I wrote FOUR books.


Black Friday Deal on Dr.Mani Books

Three of them are ready to launch. The last will take a bit longer.

What are they about?

Lock Down Diary Vol.1

Lock Down Diary Vol.1

‘Lock Down Diary Vol.1’ is a collection of inspirational messages, delightful photos, and comforting insights to calm you in rough times. A dose of hope, positivity and promise, this book had a limited launch in July. Readers loved it!

A Spray of Sunshine: 12 Cozy Fireside Stories

A Spray of Sunshine

‘A Spray of Sunshine’ is an anthology of 12 short stories to delight and entertain, a collection of cozy fireside tales that will warm your heart, thrill your imagination and stir your soul.

Dream to Destiny: The Making of a Heart Surgeon

Dream To Destiny : The Making of a Heart Surgeon

‘Dream to Destiny’ is the story of a surgeon’s training in the specialty of cardio-thoracic surgery – a thrilling and torturous journey in pursuit of an ambitious dream.

All are available right now to download from my website at

Black Friday Deal on Books by Dr.Mani

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Why So Costly?

Fair question. Let me answer.

Prior to 2003, everyone bought paperback and hard cover books, paying $19.95 to $39.95 for a collection of stories.

Then Amazon’s Kindle marketplace emerged.

It ripped the model to shreds. Soon we were buying Kindle ebooks for as little as $2.99, or $1.99, or even just 99 cents!

There’s good reason for this.

As ebooks took over from print, authors and publishers no longer had extra costs to print, store and ship books. Why, then, should they charge as much?

That’s fair. And it’s a Good Thing for you, as a reader.

But here’s what is NOT fair…

Little children born with heart birth defects who need expensive and life-threatening operations – just to stay alive.

And I write books to help these ‘heart kids’. To sponsor life-saving operations that will keep them alive.

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Royalties from book sales have sponsored 152 heart surgeries for kids upto May 2020, through my Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation. (click here to learn more)

These operations have not become less expensive!

So when you pay a bit more to enjoy a story or learn a powerful life lesson, you’re also helping a child live.

Still think it’s unfair – or too costly?

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Your Rock-solid Guarantee

If for ANY reason at all, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the ebooks for a full refund within 60 days.

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3 Book Covers

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