The Book That Transformed My Nephew’s Life

It was only a week back that my favorite nephew was sad and depressed, a broken man. His brow wrinkled with worry, his face pale and haggard. There were dark circles under his bloodshot eyes.

“You look terrible. Is it just the jet lag? Or a hangover?” I asked.

He shook his bent head, and collapsed into a chair.

“What is it?” I persisted. “You look like a man who’s carrying the world’s troubles on his shoulders.”

“Oh Uncle, everything is going wrong. I’ve lost it all. Money, a job, my girl friend.”

He was close to tears. Told me how this was the perfectly wrong time to try and move his business to America. He was finding it very hard to get a foothold. His optimistic enthusiasm was waning.

With a flight to catch in just 35 minutes, what could I do to help?

Suddenly I remembered. I opened my briefcase. Luckily, there was a copy in there. Fishing it out, I thrust it into his hands.

“Read this. I’ll talk to you when I get back next week. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

* * *

I next met him after seven days.

It’s amazing how much can change in just a week!

I scarcely recognized the young man who bounced into my office that morning with a spring in his step.

What a contrast this chirpy, happy man was today.

“Were you on a holiday?” I asked.

He cried:

“My Life Won’t Be The Same Again!”

Curious, I asked him to explain.

He said: “Remember the book you gave me?”

For a moment, my mind was blank. Then I remembered the copy I had pulled out of my briefcase to give him when we last met.

He continued…

“I did make a journey. But it wasn’t physical. I was on a voyage of self-exploration. And your book was what helped make the difference. My life won’t be the same again.

I was stunned.

This wasn’t the first time it’s happening. It always surprises me, the impact this remarkable book has upon people.

“I’m no longer afraid of what’s in the future” he assured me.

My nephew is a practical and sensible man. His career has soared, and he is the owner of a very profitable consultancy firm. He understands human nature and business tactics very well.

And yet the three simple principles that he read about in my book energized him, helped him further unleash his potential, aspire to even higher things.

It transformed this broken man into a dynamo of energy, hope and optimism.

His isn’t the only success story that I’ve heard lately. Wherever I go, people talk to me about the effect this magical book has had on them.

Readers from different walks of life, from diverse cultures, social and economic backgrounds, with varied religious beliefs and from all corners of the globe have had their perspective altered by these powerful concepts.

It’s amazing that a set of such simple principles can produce such a profound effect on a large group of people. It has awesome potential.

You Can Have It All…

Money. Friends. Power. Relationships.

Success in everything you do.

Here’s what this amazing book will show you:

  • The absolute best way to stay calm in a crisis
  • Avoiding frustrations at business failures or losses
  • A simple technique to keep from losing your temper
  • How to quickly and easily build rich relationships
  • What you can learn from others with huge problems
  • Three simple rules to enjoy life and find inner peace

It’s easy, really. All you have to do is make your emotions work FOR you instead of letting them get to you.

Learn how in ‘The Emotion Prism’: go here – click

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