Ripples Build Homes

Of the non-profits I support, endorse and widely talk about to people, one of my favorites is the Caring House Project. Real estate maverick entrepreneur Frank McKinney builds multi-million dollar mansions for the rich and famous – and uses some of the profits (plus donations) to build sub-$1,000 homes for the desperately poor and homeless … Read more

Hug the World

Yeah, right! Hold hands for world peace. Form a human chain to ban nuclear arms. Light candles to eliminate poverty. Huh! I used to be as cynical as the next guy about tackling massive problems with apparently meaningless gestures. As a ‘direct action’ person, I believe in tackling issues head-on. Like building awareness about congenital … Read more

From Past To Future

As kids, over the Christmas holidays, all of us cousins would head to grandpa’s home.  With 13 grandkids, and 16 years separating the eldest from youngest, it was predictable bedlam.  Good times.  Year after year. Until we grew up, one by one.  Moved apart.  Had our own families.  And lives. This afternoon, by a very … Read more

What Youth Want

India today is a very different country from the one I grew up in. Youngsters in India have always been smart – but today, they also have many more opportunities to show off their intelligence, leverage it into tangible benefits, even monetize it in a way that wasn’t easy or intuitive a few decades ago. … Read more