Dare To Be Different

At a wedding reception last week, I met many professional colleagues. The banter was conventional, predictable, ‘doctor speak’.

Only a few knew about my online persona, and referred to it sparingly, often with a snide smile or quiet wink twixt themselves.

Because I am different.

Unfamiliar, unusual, unlike what they are used to.

It doesn’t bother me these days. I realize that if only they knew what I have because I dare to be different, they would give their right arm to exchange places with me. (No, I don’t tell them – it would be cruel!)

I get more family time in a week than most of them have in a year.

I enjoy a lifestyle that’s in no way inferior to theirs, often better.

But most important, I move toward a goal, a purpose, a mission that lends deeper meaning to my life – instead of running ever faster on a treadmill going nowhere… just because I’m afraid to stop and hop off!

That is SCARY. Unnerving. Terrifying.

But so is being different.

Giving up the familiar, the secure, the comfortable – takes daring and confidence.

14 years ago, when I made my choice, I experienced fear. To abandon the traditional physician’s career path was risky. I set ‘stop loss’ triggers – but have been fortunate to fly above them.

And slowly, steadily, the passion won through – and turned a dream into ongoing reality.

Looking back, that choice was the best decision of my life. And like all tough choices, the hardest bit is making them.

In 1995, it was easy to dominate any niche on the Internet. Today, it is at least one hundred times harder.

But here’s the good news.

In 2019, it will be one hundred times harder than it will in 2009.

Now is when you should decide about taking that chance. Ask yourself,

“Do I dare to be different?”

Read the PASSION manifesto. Think about your passions. See which ones
are worth going after.

Don’t do it all in a rush. Set your own ‘stop-loss’ triggers. Keep that day job – until you can afford to lose it. Work on your passion during your spare time.

But throw off the shackles of what is ‘regular’ or ‘conventional’ or ‘accepted’ – and dare to be different.

It’s about doing it to grow happy, contented and rich.

No, not tomorrow or the day after, but in the fullness of time.

The first step in your journey however begins from within.

With the decision based on a simple question:

“Do I dare to be different?”

What will your answer be, I wonder.

2 thoughts on “Dare To Be Different”

  1. Sir,
    what an awesome post, I am truly inspired.
    Kudos to you for igniting the youth of this country, and the work you are doing for the children.
    I will be highly honoured if I could in anyway help in your endeavours


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