In springtime, the air hums with new life.

Birdsong echoes everywhere. Green shoots sprout. Sprigs bear new leaves.

And Nature renews herself.

Amidst this, in every forest, grove, or even garden, a few trees are (partly) excluded from this joyous revival fest.

A branch or two stays barren. Lifeless. Ready to drop off.


You could take an axe to it; lop it off.

Or leave it alone, to fall on its own; and maybe even hurt you.

But until it’s gone, growth can’t resume.


It’s deadwood.

There’s deadwood in other areas of our lives, too.

In relationships.


And dreams.

Friendships grow stale.

Marriages burn out.

Partnerships turn bitter.

Financial investments swing high or low in returns, as economies falter.

Goals and dreams evolve. Adapt to reality.

Some even grow dormant. Or die.


And just like in the forest or garden, this too needs to be removed.

The key is to recognize what can be salvaged.

And what’s destroyed beyond redemption.

With careful nurturing, patient effort, and persistent tending, you can revive the former…

But never the other kind.


It’s deadwood.

Get rid of it.

So that you can thrive.

And renew yourself.