Do You Read Enid Blyton?

Read Enid Blyton

As we grow older, we read weightier, more abstract tomes.

Books like…

Then, we try to figure out the deeper meaning and profound insights these authors expound.

But we also forget how much power and impact is there in SIMPLICITY.

In children’s books – like stories by Enid Blyton.

Each experience of their characters is a lesson that’s applicable to us adults in our lives – and what’s more, they are EASY to understand!

Pick up any book your child is reading.

Browse through it.

Watch for the lessons.

Take them to heart.

Because, at heart, we are all still children.

1 thought on “Do You Read Enid Blyton?”

  1. Dr. Mani

    I have to confess I have read ALL of
    Enid Blyton’s books as a child!

    What refreshing memories!

    I might just take a look at my library
    tonight in the “youth section” for a
    delightful evening reading.

    You brought my 10 year old
    angelical smile…back to life:)





    Joel Bomane from Sunny Southern France

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