Dream To Destiny : The Making of a Heart Surgeon

‘Dream To Destiny’ is the story of a surgeon’s training in the specialty of cardio-thoracic surgery – a thrilling and torturous journey in pursuit of an ambitious dream.

Dream To Destiny - The Making of a Heart Surgeon


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Have you ever dreamed of being a heart surgeon? Or wondered what it must be like to be one?

Dream to Destiny: The Making of a Heart Surgeon takes you behind the scenes of a residency training program in heart surgery.

Young doctors, surgeons, and even high-schoolers often dream of becoming a heart surgeon. And that’s easy to understand. The romance, mystique and glamor surrounding the majestic masked figure who wields scalpel to fix broken hearts and save lives is irresistible.


  • What does it really take to become a heart surgeon?
  • How does a surgeon master the rare and demanding art of fixing heart defects?
  • Which skills and traits determine whether or not you’ll succeed in heart surgery?

Dream to Destiny: The Making of a Heart Surgeon is a brilliant account of the long, tough, yet fascinating and deeply satisfying journey to becoming a heart surgeon. It’s a beautifully told tale about the everyday events in a surgeon’s life along the path to become a highly qualified and experienced professional.

In a narrative that often reads more like a thriller novel than a memoir of a surgical residency, you’ll join a budding heart surgeon from the moment he first begins to dream of a rosy career in this specialty, all the way through a roller-coaster ride of soaring highs that are mixed with crushing lows.

As he learns to operate on the heart and manage complex problems under extremely arduous and stressful circumstances, you’ll see how a trainee evolves and grows in confidence, skill and judgment… and transforms both as a professional, and a person.

Dream To Destiny‘ is a thrilling depiction of dramatic scenes of catastrophic complications on the operating table.

Dream To Destiny : The Making of a Heart Surgeon

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It reveals unexpected crises that threaten lives in the ICU and bring out the best in a talented, dedicated team of supreme pros.

And it details the near-inhuman pressures and stress to which a fledgling surgeon is subjected during the tempering process that forges him into steel.

Dream to Destiny: The Making of a Heart Surgeon‘ is a compelling read for anybody curious about what goes into the training of a heart surgeon.

Who should read it?

This is a great book for anyone who dreams of becoming a heart surgeon. Medical students and interns. Postgraduate trainees and young surgeons. Even high school kids.

It’s also a fascinating book for a reader curious to know how heart surgeons are made.

  • How hard do they work.
  • What exactly do they do.
  • Why is it so challenging and difficult.

Everything is explained in stark and clear detail.

It’s also a great gift to give someone who is curious to hear about the exciting, adventurous and inspirational act of operating on the human heart – and saving lives.

Dream to Destiny: The Making of a Heart Surgeon is a fun, entertaining and informative read that’s sprinkled with anecdotes and stories, mixed with a smattering of history, and replete with biographical footnotes of amazing pioneers in heart surgery like the first transplant surgeon Christiaan Barnard, the world famous Denton A.Cooley, the inimitable and innovative Donald Ross, and the charismatic Solomon Victor, .

A worthy sequel to ‘Heart, Guts & SteelThe Making of an Indian Surgeon‘, this book is set to become a must-read for every boy and girl, man and woman, of all ages, genders and nationality who has ever been curious about heart surgeons and their art.

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Dream To Destiny : The Making of a Heart Surgeon



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