8 Ideas to Meet Your Energy Bill Payments

Energy bill payments
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Here are 8 ideas to bring down your energy costs and meet your energy bill payments.

With the price of energy steadily rising, most consumers find it difficult to meet these growing expenses. There are some simple, effective ways to reduce your home energy consumption and limit your utility bills.

Energy Bill Payments : A Challenge

The growing cost of energy for home consumption has affected every household in the United Kingdom.  Home owners are struggling to meet their skyrocketing energy bills as gas and electricity become more expensive as the result of inefficient production technology and dwindling natural resources.

If you are one of the millions of householders struggling with energy bill payments on electricity bills, these ideas will come as a welcome relief.

1. Hunt out good deals

Look at your tariff rate for home energy and your recent utility bills.  Compare the rate you are charged against the rate advertised by other energy providers in your area.

It may come as a pleasant surprise to find that you can take advantage of considerably cheaper tariffs by switching to a new energy supplier, especially when they offer special deals to attract new customers.

If you have been with your present supplier for a long time, you might discover that you are still locked in to legacy rates which are considerably higher.  Online energy calculators can help you calculate this and locate companies that offer better deals in your neighborhood.

2. Talk to your company

If you’re finding it hard to cope with your energy bill payments, consider discussing a modified repayment plan with you supplier.  There is a serious risk of having your power supply disconnected if you delay bill payments for over 4 weeks.

Your energy providers are bound to let you know about all existing options to pay off your dues, and many are willing to set up payment plans which are easier on your budget.  For instance, you might find it more convenient to pay a smaller amount every week or fortnight than a larger sum on a monthly basis.

Make sure that whatever payment plan you negotiate with the supplier is practical.  Gas and electricity are essential for most modern homes.  It can be traumatic and even dangerous for your energy supply to be cut off.

So it is important to carefully analyze your capability to pay all outstanding dues and future expenses that you incur.  If you are not sure of being able to do it, discuss alternatives with your provider and have the instalments reduced further.

3. Claim energy efficiency grants

As an incentive to home owners who embrace energy-efficient practices the government extends grants, discounts and subsidies for upgrading home heating and cooling appliances.

Plans such as the “Green Deal” were introduced in an attempt to encourage home owners to replace old and inefficient equipment with modern Energy Star rated ones to bring down home energy consumption.

These grants and loans can help you with expensive upgrades and installation of modern equipment.  You can repay most of these loans over years. The amount adds on to your utility bills.

4. Seek vulnerable customer discounts

Low cost energy is provided by companies for a segment of the population that is deemed to be vulnerable.  If you qualify for these discounts, you may save a significant amount on your bills.

The “Warm Home Discount Scheme” is one example that will subsidize the costs of home energy consumption up to 120 pounds every month for those who are unable to pay their energy costs.

5. Ask for senior citizen discounts

Consumers older than 60 years qualify for discounts by way of a winter fuel payment plan.  This discount can help pay for the greater consumption of gas and electricity for heating the home during winter.

6. Request cold weather payments

Another government sponsored plan called the Cold Weather Payment aims to offer pensioners some relief from high energy costs.

If you receive pension credits or financial support from any government agency, you are eligible for this subsidy whenever cold spells cause temperatures to drop below zero degrees for 7 days or more.

The amount you are due to receive will be credited into your bank account.

7. Contact counseling services

Even if you do not qualify for these plans or are unable to meet your utility payments even with grants or easy payment plans, there are other agencies willing to help you out.

You can talk with someone at the National Debtline or Credit Counselling service and ask for financial assistance.

8. Set up a pre-paid plan

A final option available to those who are not able to meet their utility energy bill payments is to subscribe to a pre-paid plan.

Your previous dues are temporarily on hold.  The energy company ensures that you’ll make payments for ongoing consumption.  You will continue to get electricity and gas until your pre-paid balance runs out. After that, you can renew the deposit.

So there you have 8 simple ways to meet your energy bill payments. Hope you find them of some help.
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