20 Energy and Money Saving Ideas For Winter

energy saving ideas for winter
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Want some proven energy saving ideas for winter – that could also save money and enhance your energy efficiency?

Every year, an average household in the U.K. spends hundreds of pounds on energy costs related to heating up homes during winter. This time around, these expenses are set to be even higher!

Due to inefficiencies and ineffectiveness, a large part of the heat generated is lost or wasted. Energy saving ideas for winter can help you save at least 10 percent on energy bills.

1. Pull on a sweater and lower your thermostat by 2 degrees. You will save nearly 4 percent on your heating bills.

2. Clean and maintain your furnace at peak heating efficiency during winters. This will save you 5 percent on heating bills. Install alarms on furnace filters. When the filter becomes dirty and it’s time to clean it, the alarm will alert you.

3. Keep furniture and other heavy objects away from air vents that supply heated air to the room. This helps reduce the load on the furnace and ensures uniform distribution of hot air around the room.

4. Avoid heating uninsulated areas like the garage, storage areas, crawl spaces and attics to prevent heat seeping out of the building.

5. Avoid heating unused rooms and spaces by keeping them closed through the winter. 

Some more energy saving ideas for winter

6. Set your thermostat controls to reduce temperature at night and when you leave for work. Don’t lower it more than 3 to 4 degrees. This saves another 10 percent on heating.

7. If you use a wood burning fireplace, cut wood pieces so they are 10-15 cm in diameter and have larger areas exposed to fire. This gives a clean fire with less smoke and higher heating efficiency.

8. In winter, throw a rug on the floor. This will insulate the floor, keep you warm and cut down on the noise as well as reducing the amount of heating necessary to keep the room warm.

9. Do not use a fire place when the temperature is below -7 degree Celsius.  Under these conditions, cold air from the outside that will be sucked in can reduce the room temperature more than any heating benefits you’ll gain from your fireplace.

10. Insulate doors and windows if they leak heat from the room. Do this for all areas exposed to outside weather conditions.

11. Add insulation to your attics, walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows for maximum heat retention. A large part of the energy is lost when surfaces exposed to the outside are not properly insulated.

12. Use simple, clear plastic sheets to cover windows and other exposed surfaces for instant and effective insulation.

Hope you’re finding these winter energy saving ideas helpful?

Here are a few more that work nicely

13. If you arrive to a cold house, setting the temperature at a higher level does not heat the room faster. It will warm up at the same rate regardless of the temperature setting, but higher settings consume more energy.

14. Keep the fire place closed when not in use. You can lose a lot of heat up the chimney chute.

15. Do all baking on the same day. It takes a lot of energy to heat up the oven to baking temperature.  By doing all your baking at the same time, you will optimize the way you use this heat. After you finish baking, leave the oven door open to warm up the room. You may even be able to turn down the home thermostat a degree or two because of this effect.

16. Add a humidifier to keep the room more comfortable. You can then lower the thermostat temperature setting.

17. In winter, you often tend keep the lights on for longer. Replace conventional light bulbs that are energy-intensive with modern energy-saving halogen, CFL or LED bulbs to save on electricity bills.

18. Every bulb that’s left on for an extra hour every day for a year will cost you an additional two pounds in electricity charges. Remember to switch off unused lights and fans in your home.

19. In winter, keep the garage door tightly shut. This retains warm air indoors and acts as buffer against the cold night air outside.

20. Close the drapes in the evening to avoid heat loss through window panes. On a sunny day, keep the drapes open to bask in natural, warm sunlight. Keep all your south-facing windows clean to let in as much sunlight as possible during winter.

There you go… 20 simple energy saving ideas for winter – that will also slash your energy bill and leave you with a little more in your pocket.

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