Goal Setting : How To Achieve Your Goals And Live Your Dreams!

Goal Setting Has Never Been So Easy!

Goals for 2021 - Goal Setting Guide

What a year 2020 has been!

A virus pandemic. Global lock downs. Economic crises.

And more.

Yet through it all, I’ve applied a system to get things done.

  • I wrote 4 books – and just launched three of them recently.
  • And I set up a new project – which is taking off like a rocket.
  • I read 92 books – and expect to touch 100 before the year ends.

None of this happened by accident. In fact, quite the opposite…

All of it happened BY INTENTION!

In December 2019, I went through an annual goal setting exercise I’ve followed for over 25 years – and, as usual, most of those goals are now achieved.

The trick is knowing
HOW to set goals.

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There’s a right way – and many wrong ways. The first gets you exactly where you’d like to go… while the second leaves you stranded along the way.

After learning the right system of Goal Setting and then putting it to use for almost ten years, I refined and improved it – before teaching others how to follow this approach to set and achieve goals effectively.

Many of you know me as a heart surgeon.

Some know me as a writer/author.

But only a few know me as a PERSONAL COACH and MENTOR.

Since 2014, I have taught this tested-and-proven system to literally hundreds of students – most of whom have deployed the incredible power of goal setting to their profit and advantage.

It isn’t complex or convoluted. Indeed, the danger lies in how SIMPLE it is… because you won’t believe it actually works!

But it does. Trust me, it does.

It has worked for me over two decades.

It has worked for my students over the past 7 years.

And it will work for YOU…
if you give it a chance.

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Many years ago, I taught this as a personal mentoring program. It was very intensive – but also very expensive. I no longer offer this option.

Instead, there are THREE ways you can choose to learn this effective Goal Setting system…

  • 1. An ebook of goal setting basics : Just download it, study the system, and put it to use
  • 2. A comprehensive course : Complete with worksheets and assignments, this is designed to help you deeply understand and appreciate the power of the system to set and achieve powerful goals
  • 3. An instruction manual : It explains the scientific foundation and basis of goal setting, along with other important elements of boosting your productivity, including how to build healthy new habits

You can pick whichever one is right for you.

Start changing the way you live and succeed… one day and one goal at a time – with

“How To Achieve Your Goals In 2021…
And Live Your Dreams!

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Here’s wishing your 2021 is the BEST year ever!