Last night, I was SHOCKED!

It was late. Everyone else was asleep.

I was working on a long overdue review of my business earnings.

With increasing horror, I punched data into an Excel spreadsheet. Finally, when I clicked a button to add up totals…


Income had dropped by a heart-wrenching 30% for the 1st half of 2019.

It felt like being punched in the gut.

But that wasn’t all.

The worse news is what’s happening in the 2nd half of 2019.

My net earnings for the last quarter were down…

By A Crushing NINETY-THREE Percent!

That’s right.

Revenue has dropped by nine-tenths over this period.

For a long time, I sat in silence in the dark room.



And then, I made a plan.

Actually, it was just one decision.

I would start acting on it first thing in the morning.

At midnight, I went to bed.

After a rather restless sleep, I woke up earlier than usual.



I fired up my computer and got to work.

First, I made a list of 5 things to do.

Next, I started doing them.

Four HOURS later, I paused to take stock.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished already:

  • Written four articles for a freelance site – which will bring in almost what I’ve earned over the last 3 months
  • Closed a JV deal – which will (hopefully) attract a few hundred new prospects into my network
  • Received in my bank account a payment – that is 25% of my combined earnings over the last HALF YEAR

All in just 4 hours!

What’s the key to this kind of success?

In a word: FOCUS.

Maniacal, absolutely committed focus.

The kind of focus I teach YOU to develop in my book, “How To Focus” – which sells on Amazon for $9.99

Yes, that’s the same book I offered to let you (and other subscribers on my email list) GIFT to your special people for free… in an email that went out on Wednesday.

An email that NOBODY responded to!

You see, that’s the tragedy.

Here is a skill, one that can be learned and enhanced by practice, a skill that is worth literally a FORTUNE.

A skill that I have refined and perfected until I can summon it up ON DEMAND.

Which is exactly what I did this morning – to achieve these results.

And I’m happy to share the complete process, the strategy and thinking behind it, in a cheap little ebook which costs less than 10 bucks.

Not only that, I even offered to give it away… not just to my few thousand email subscribers – but to THEIR friends as well.

Because it could transform lives.

But no.

Nobody wanted it!


Will YOU be smarter and savvier than that?

Would YOU like to gift ‘How To Focus‘ to your email subscribers, your Facebook group members, your family and friends?

I sure hope you said “Yes, of course I want to!

If you did, shoot me an email request (or FB message) and I’ll send you details.

Or if you just want to read the book, pick up ‘How To Focus’ from the Kindle bookstore for just $9.99

And learn the skill that made me a tidy little bundle of cash for a few hours of intense activity this morning.

A skill which has also made me a much bigger fortune over the years that I’ve practiced it.

Learn How To Focus – And TRANSFORM Your Life!