Life is a song

They are the most enjoyable moments of my crowded day.

The pleasant, cool evening breeze caressing our faces, we stroll through the streets and bylanes of our neighborhood hand in hand – my daughter and I.

We share desultory gossip interspersed with profound wisdom. I’m amazed at how much I learn from her. I wish we’d recorded all of these discussions.

Today we explored an interesting theme.

Of life – as a song.

We all go through certain things in common.

Childhood. School. Puppy love. College. Romance. Marriage. Career. Kids. Aging and ailments. And, in the end, death.

The timing and sequence of these events varies, but most of us will experience all of them.

Together, they constitute the background music of our lives.

For some, the music becomes, in itself, the entirety of life. For others, there is the song.

Wealth, success and self-determinism (or the quest for them) set us on the path to doing unique, different or remarkable things. They become our voice, used to sing the lyrics of a melody that’s our life.

Sometimes, our words match the music. At other times, they drown it out, or are in discordant variance to it. And there are periods when they fade out, to let the background sounds dominate.

And for some of us, the song of our life is a nice, pleasant solo performance.

For others, it is a beautiful concert – full-blown, exciting, widely applauded and celebrated.

We get to decide to sing… and pick the song we want our lives to be.

Start singing!