Lock Down Diary : Calming Content, Pretty Pictures

‘Lock Down Diary : Vol.1’ is a collection of inspirational messages, delightful photos, and comforting insights to calm you in rough times.

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Lock Down Diary Vol.1

Once Upon A Time…

Life chugged along peacefully.

And then, a pandemic struck!

Literally overnight, everything came to a screeching halt. And a nation went into lockdown in March 2020.

During the first couple of months of our LockDown, I wrote a little over 75,000 words. That’s almost 2 full-length novels!

One morning, I went through this material… and picked out my most favorite inspirational and insightful messages.

Then I included the 16 most beautiful photos I shot during this period… and compiled it into a nice little ebook.

It’s called:


Lock Down Diary Vol.1

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It will go on sale at its full price of $19.95 shortly – but right now, you can grab it for just a fraction of that price.

On one condition: You must promise to read it by Sunday, and send me your thoughts.


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But don’t wait too long – because this offer is ONLY for the first 50 people to respond.

Then the price goes right up to $29.95

What Readers Say…

Here’s what other readers like you had to say about LOCKDOWN DIARY Vol.1:

“Just completed Lockdown diaries in a go.. Full of positivity .. For someone who is in isolation like me, it was so heartwarming.”

Pravin Sundar

“Thanks for sharing your world of wisdom through your beautiful writings. Everything you have written was very positive…how on earth is it possible to be such an optimistic person sir…anyhow I’ll sincerely follow. Pics are fantastic.”

Keerthinmayee Karimaddela

“Your narration has a way of creating calmness while reading … Your quips about small things on life gives a contented smile on my face. Of all the photos you shared your Muffin stole the show.”

Kishore Kumar

“Excellent presentation along with lovely photos, your words echoes almost everyone’s views, where we are like, living life at a leisure once again and having more time to look around and also to look within ourselves too.”


“I quite liked the compilation of your social media posts… some more than others. Loved the opening post especially – the first day of the lockdown one.”

Manjula Rao

“Enjoyed every bit of it. Things that the lockdown has taught us – how uncertain and fragile our life is, and what really matters. Not only are your thoughts crystal clear but you’re a master storyteller.”


“In this lockdown period everyone has come to know how blessed we are and how small things in life regarding family are important. Keep going. P.S. – Excellent pictures.”

Uma Vassan

“Great photos and good conversation for a Sunday Morning. Reminded me of ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’. Thanks for this.”


“This piece of writing reminded me of a remark I had made recently to a friend: ‘Nothing’s more certain than uncertainty.‘ And you have celebrated it!

The randomness of it made more interesting reading. The clear blue skies and the foliage were eye catching. I could relate to some of the incidents. The snippets of unadulterated words of wisdom, though not too heavy, passed me by.

To sum up, this was a piece, I savoured reading.”


Enjoy These Inspiring Messages & Photos Today

Download the ebook compendium of 28 lovely short pieces and you can start reading them within minutes.

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And to help make it an easier choice, I’ll toss in some special gifts – if you order ‘Lock Down Diary – Volume 1’ right now!

Each of these gems is a hot-selling product from my collection… but I’m glad to throw them in as a bonus when you take the next step – and buy your copy of this short story collection.

Here’s what you’ll also get:

These are ebooks which collectively retail for $16.97… not some recycled junk that nobody wants to read!

You can get them all for FREE when you order ‘Lock Down Diary – Volume 1‘.

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What’s more, even if you don’t like the ebook and want a refund, you’ll may keep these bonus gifts… no strings attached!

That’s right. You’ve got nothing to lose.

At worst, you get 3 free ebooks worth almost $17. And at best, you’ll enjoy a bit of storytelling magic – 28¬†times over!

Buy ‘Lock Down Diary – Volume 1’

You can pick up a collection of 28 good short insights for only $9.95 today.

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Why So Costly?

Fair question. Let me answer.

Prior to 2003, everyone bought paperback and hard cover books, paying $19.95 to $39.95 for a collection of stories.

Then Amazon’s Kindle marketplace emerged.

It ripped the model to shreds. Soon we were buying Kindle ebooks for as little as $2.99, or $1.99, or even just 99 cents!

There’s good reason for this.

As ebooks took over from print, authors and publishers no longer had extra costs to print, store and ship books. Why, then, should they charge as much?

That’s fair. And it’s a Good Thing for you, as a reader.

But here’s what is NOT fair…

Little children born with heart birth defects who need expensive and life-threatening operations – just to stay alive.

And I write books to help these ‘heart kids’. To sponsor life-saving operations that will keep them alive.

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Royalties from book sales have sponsored 152 heart surgeries for kids upto May 2020, through my Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation. (click here to learn more)

These operations have not become less expensive!

So when you pay a bit more to enjoy a story or learn a powerful life lesson, you’re also helping a child live.

Still think it’s unfair – or too costly?

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Your Rock-solid Guarantee

If for ANY reason at all, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the Lock Down Diary for a full refund within 60 days.

You will get your money back. No questions asked. That’s a promise.

And as I already mentioned, you get to keep $16.97 in bonus gifts – just for trying out my short collection, absolutely risk-free.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and order ‘Lock Down Diary : Vol.1’ today.

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If you enjoy these classic short writings, please share them with your friends and family. Invite others to pick up a copy of ‘Lock Down Diary Vol.1″¬†too.

While you’re curled up under warm sheets, or sitting with a cup of your favorite beverage, enjoy these 28 short articles… and relish the thought that you’ve also helped save a child’s life!

Thank you from my heart.

All success,

P.S. – I wrote and compiled these short pieces for your entertainment – and also to sponsor life-saving heart surgery for kids born with heart birth defects.

By buying the compilation of my 28 best short write-ups and photographs in ‘Lock Down Diary : Volume 1‘, you have helped make a difference to a child with congenital heart disease.

Thank you from my heart.

Enjoy reading these short articles. And please share this page with a friend.

P.P.S. – If you have any trouble at all with the download, contact me for assistance. And if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase and want a refund, please reach out by email.

Thanks for giving this a try.

Lock Down Diary Vol.1

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