Why Make 12 Year Plans

Some places have “history”.

The Place de la Bastille in Paris, for instance, where the French Revolution led to storming the prison.

Or the Colosseum in Rome, where man fought beast to the death.

The Colosseum


Not all “history” is momentous and globally significant, though.

Some places have a deeply meaningful, if only personal, relevance to us.

I visited one such place recently…

Our Anatomy dissection hall in medical school.

Anatomy dissection hall


As I stood beside the table where we spent our earliest days training to become doctors, a rush of memories and thoughts flooded my mind. Things that had happened in the 12 years since, to turn me into a surgeon who would operate on a child’s heart.

I worked really, really hard in pursuit of that dream.

Yet, these days I often find myself hesitating. Not quite so willing to invest my heart and soul into another 12 year venture.

Because I worry it may take “too long” to be able to enjoy any outcome.

Now I gaze down at the dull white gleam of the table on which I performed my first “surgeries”. And it strikes me that, even back then I had no idea whether I’d be alive at the end of 12 years to enjoy the fruit of all that effort.

Still, I forged ahead – towards an ambitious dream!

A dream that came true.

So why won’t it happen again?

Standing in the dimly lit room, I squeezed one last lesson out of that now abandoned “hall of learning”

It’s never too late to strive for a dream.

And so I’ll begin a new 12 year project – with all the gusto, energy and excitement of youth!