Hi, I’m Dr.Mani

Heart surgeon. Author. Fund raiser. Social entrepreneur.

Dr.Mani - Heart surgeon. Author. Fund raiser.

I write and sell ebooks to help raise money that sponsors life-saving operations for children born with heart defects.

Heart surgery is expensive. Many patients from poor families cannot afford the cost of treatment. So I try to fund these operations. This was the simple idea that drove an online adventure that started in 1996.

Since then, my efforts have funded heart surgery in 150+ children. My ambitious mission – make high quality heart health care accessible and affordable to every Indian child.

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Become a Patron!

My short ebook 47 Hearts tells you all I learned while launching my non-profit to follow a dream.

I also love to read, write and travel. My latest project is the Heart Book Club.

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Books by Dr.Mani

Knife At A Gunfight (2018)

  • 5 easy ways to transform your life

The Icedrop (2017)

  • lessons from travels and travails of a drop of water

The Emotion Prism (2002)

  • how to be happy when you’d rather be sad

Think, Write & Retire (2016)

  • turn what you already know into cash in the bank


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