Minimalism : Worth An Embrace?

Most people are ‘maximalists’. And blindly buy into a principle.

That more is better.

Of anything.

Be it friends or factories. Buildings or boats. Art or articles.

The quest to have more is endless.

Bored with what you’ve got? Move on to another.

Nothing to think about. But so much to do.

To achieve.

To acquire.

Because, you see, on this endless journey there’s always something more to run after. Always someone who has more. Who is more.

Being a minimalist is quite different.

Minimalism demands mindfulness.

It requires that you think carefully. Before you even begin.

Think about what you seek. And just as carefully, evaluate whatever you already have.

Built into the minimalist idea is a need to shed any excess. And to get rid of whatever has outlived its utility or relevance.

In other words, you’re in a constant state of being engagedwith yourself.

And what you have.



Or even think about.

You’re engaged consciously, and intimately.


This fosters deep awareness of a concept… one that’s foreign to others.

A sense of ‘enough’.

Of having enough.

Of being enough.

And this evokes deep contentment. A profound gratitude.

That’s rare. And precious.

In a sense, minimalism isn’t a physical behavior at all. It’s a mental attitude. A mindset.

One that you can recognize from its externalities – but only truly appreciate or understand by looking under the surface.

Minimalism isn’t about going without things.

Just focusing on what matters.

It frees you to determine value – for yourself.

Independent of everything else. And everybody else.

It permits you to seek it… in your own unique, inimitable way.

That’s why it’s such fun being a minimalist.

And you’ll realize that sometimes…

Less is actually better.