Moments of Deep Gratitude

There are special moments in our lives when we feel deeply grateful for what is and has been. Today I enjoyed one such moment.

I got a parcel in the post. Opening it, I found a copy of one of my all-time favorite books, “The Aladdin Factor” – but this one was VERY special.

The Aladdin Factor cover
Inside the front cover was a hand-written note from the author, Jack Canfieldto ME!

It reads:

To Dr.Mani –

I am so moved by your
commitment to saving infant
lives. I am thrilled this book
has played some small part in
your life’s mission.

With great love, admiration and

Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield's Letter to Dr.Mani
I was deeply moved when I read that brief note from an author I have admired, respected and read for decades!

And also extremely thankful for the person who made this possible – Lee Ann Price.

How it happened is an interesting story.

I am active on Twitter. Once I tweeted about the power of asking, and mentioned “The Aladdin Factor”. Lee Ann Price saw my tweet – as it turns out, at a stoplight while she was driving to an event where Jack Canfield would be speaking! She had picked a book to have autographed by Jack earlier that morning – and surprise, surprise… it was “The Aladdin Factor”!

Speak of coincidences! Lee Ann mentioned this curious event to Jack, told him about my work with children having congenital heart defects, and even showed him the tweet I posted!

Special moments and sweet memories happen quite by chance most of the time. And what makes them happen is never easy to predict or control. For that very reason, they are more cherished and enjoyed.

Thank you, Lee Ann, for making my day!

Y’know what was even nicer?

My daughter saw it, and asked: “Why does such a famous person respect you?”

And I got a chance to tell her a bit more about what I do with my ‘heart kids’.

Thank you for that, too, Lee Ann.

And Jack 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Moments of Deep Gratitude”

  1. Wow, that is quite a story. I think I saw your post on Twitter about The Aladdin Factor too – reminded me I have yet to have read it (note to self…again, ahem) As wonderful as receiving the book is, I think it is truly a blessing that you got that moment to explain your work with your heart kids. That is amazing work.

    Nancy, from Just a Thought…

  2. Dear Dr Mani.

    You wrote – –
    “I was deeply moved when I read that brief note from an author I have admired, respected and read for decades.”

    I find it exhilarative to share something regarding Twitter &
    “The Aladdin Factor” – in your very own blog.

    Lee Ann Price showed Jack the Tweet you posted.

    Speak of coincidences!
    May I ask you to display your Tweet sent to me?

    “drmani@justfun54 – “Aladdin Factor” makes you even believe in genies! 🙂
    12:26 PM Mar 23rd from web in reply to justfun54″

    Jack wrote his marvel in 1999 beging with the words ‘ If there is something to gain and something to lose by asking, by all means ask!”.

    I am sure there will be a need for a re-edition with the next print.

    Pretty certain there will be a part dedicated to the natural child in one.

    There your name will be emblazened.

    And to your daughter – her dreams will be a reality.


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