More Money Doesn’t Mean More Problems (SToM 6/6)

Ask a dozen people why they don’t have more money – and you’ll likely hear this answer:

“More money means more problems!”


Well, there’s the biggest problem!

Because an attitude like that won’t let you make more money.

Or accumulate wealth.

I have a friend who just retired from his job.

“Why don’t you become a consultant now?” I asked.

He’s in good health. Eager and energetic. Is hard working and intelligent.

His experience and knowledge would benefit many more – if he chooses to share it.

But he’s not keen on the idea.

His reason flabbergasted me!

“You see, I’ll get a monthly pension. If I earn more as a consultant, my income tax rate will go up – and a larger share of my money will go to taxes.”


Huh? 😯 🙄

No amount of reasoning – or even a rough calculation to estimate his tax – could change his mind.

He’s an ardent believer in the “More money means more problems” school of thought.

Much of this stems from an attitude towards money and wealth.

(I’ve already spoken about that in a separate note.)

In a nutshell, if you see money as the root of all evil… you’ll attribute all problems to the fact that you have more money.

But it’s actually the opposite.

Money can help you get out of many problems.

And regardless of whether or not you have a lot of money, you’ll certainly have problems.

That’s guaranteed.

Maybe more money will bring with it a different set of problems.


Because as you grow and evolve, the kind of challenges you face will change.

But many of them can be overcome – by using your money.

Also, with more money you can solve even OTHER problems.

The kind of problems you can only rue and worry about, or complain and rant over… without money.

Yes, more money can make you happier.

And the world a better place.

All it takes at its heart – is a different attitude towards money.

A positive, anticipatory, healthy one.

That’s a truly wealth-building mindset.