10 Best Books That I Read In 2020

These Are My Picks For Top 10 Books Of 2020 – Out Of 95 I’ve Read So Far This Year! Which are my Top 10 Books of 2020 ? This year has been topsy-turvy in many ways, thanks to the pandemic. One thing that happened as a result of the forced lock down and less … Read more

Black Friday Deal on Books by Dr.Mani

This year, I wrote FOUR books.   Three of them are ready to launch. The last will take a bit longer. Lock Down Diary Vol.1 ($9.95) A Spray of Sunshine ($24.97) Dream to Destiny ($19.95) What are they about? Lock Down Diary Vol.1 ‘Lock Down Diary Vol.1’ is a collection of inspirational messages, delightful photos, … Read more

Dream To Destiny : The Making of a Heart Surgeon

‘Dream To Destiny’ is the story of a surgeon’s training in the specialty of cardio-thoracic surgery – a thrilling and torturous journey in pursuit of an ambitious dream.     Have you ever dreamed of being a heart surgeon? Or wondered what it must be like to be one? ‘Dream to Destiny: The Making of … Read more

Lock Down Diary : Calming Content, Pretty Pictures

‘Lock Down Diary : Vol.1’ is a collection of inspirational messages, delightful photos, and comforting insights to calm you in rough times.   Once Upon A Time… Life chugged along peacefully. And then, a pandemic struck! Literally overnight, everything came to a screeching halt. And a nation went into lockdown in March 2020. During the … Read more

A Spray of Sunshine : Best Short Story Anthologies of 2020

‘A Spray of Sunshine’ is among the best short story anthologies, a collection of 12 cozy fireside short stories to warm your heart, thrill your imagination & stir your soul.   Grandma always grinned widely as we cried: “Please tell us a story!” Her toothless pink gums shone as bright as her twinkling eyes. “Hmm… … Read more

How Energy Efficient Lighting Choices Will Lower Energy Bills

energy efficient lighting

  Tailor your energy efficient lighting choices for lower energy bills. Conventional lighting by incandescent bulbs has enjoyed a long run. But it’s over. The older light bulbs are wasteful of energy and not as bright as the newer generation of lighting choices. The biggest benefit that has powered the shift to new alternatives is … Read more

8 Ideas to Meet Your Energy Bill Payments

Energy bill payments

  Here are 8 ideas to bring down your energy costs and meet your energy bill payments. With the price of energy steadily rising, most consumers find it difficult to meet these growing expenses. There are some simple, effective ways to reduce your home energy consumption and limit your utility bills. Energy Bill Payments : … Read more

5 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills

lower your energy bills

  With the steep rise in energy costs surely you’re looking for ways to lower your energy bills at home. A large share of your domestic budget goes towards paying for electricity and gas. With a few simple modifications, you can bring down your domestic energy consumption and reduce expenses. Better insulation, efficient bill payments … Read more