How To Leverage Pinterest for More Website Traffic

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your blog, website or other online resource, one channel you should look at closely is the image sharing social network called Pinterest.

It’s a great source of high quality traffic that can generate online sales, with Pinterest users spending more money per order ($50, on average) than visitors from other social media channels.

Pinterest is also a humongous source of potential website traffic, with over 2 million people visiting the network to pin photos every day. And certain recent innovations like ‘Promoted Pins’ have made Pinterest even more attractive for anyone selling products online.

In this report you’ll learn of some practical and effective steps to attract more traffic to your blog from Pinterest. If you follow this approach, it is practically guaranteed that you’ll enjoy an influx of visitors within a very short time.


Pinterest marketing

1. Build a Board for your blog

On Pinterest, you will pin your photos onto virtual Boards. You can create as many Boards as you like. By creating a board specifically for your blog or website, you’ll generate interest in your content.

Name your Pinterest board with the same title as your blog, or include relevant keywords, to make it more likely to show up on search engine results.

Then each time you publish a new blog post, Pin it to your blog board with a brief summary or quote from the post, along with an eye-catching image.

Pinterest is essentially a visual medium loaded with photos and pictures, so your chances of being noticed depend greatly upon the quality and appeal of the graphics you choose to go along with your pin.

And don’t forget to insert a link back to your blog!

If your site already has a lot of content, you can break down your Pins into several categories to match your blog and post them on separate Boards, one for each category.

2. Create Lifestyle Boards related to your theme

Build a few more Pinterest boards on topics that are closely related to the theme of your business or blog. For instance, if you run a home improvement website, then you might have boards with

  • household tips
  • bathroom or kitchen renovation ideas
  • interior decoration advice and
  • home repair products or services

Or if you run a wedding planner blog, have boards for each aspect of planning the event, like

  • venue selection
  • food and music
  • wedding vows
  • invitations
  • flowers and decoration
  • gowns and dresses

Just as with blog boards, include information along with your Pins that summarize your content, link back to the article, and use an attractive image that will appeal emotionally to your viewers.

It’s important to make sure there is a good connection between your Pinterest content and what’s on your blog. This makes your Pinterest followers more likely to be satisfied when they click to visit your website for more information.

3. Have Top Class Images

Pinterest is a highly visual medium. Even if your ultimate goal is to draw visitors away from Pinterest and to your blog or online store where they can do business with you, the images you’ll post on the network are the first step in winning the attention of visitors so that you can entice them to click on your link.

A lot of research has been done on the kind of images that are most often shared across Pinterest.

a. Vertical images are preferred. An aspect ratio of 2:3 or 4:5 works better than square or horizontal rectangles.

b. It should be stunning. On a network loaded with graphics, your image should stand out visually to grab attention.

  • Photos without faces are more likely to be pinned.
  • Vibrant colors and contextual backgrounds help.
  • Bright pictures with red tones work better than dark or blue-tone images.
  • Your logo and branding should be non-intrusive, but tasteful.
  • Images should be of good quality and look professional
  • Use high resolution graphics that look crisp and clear at various sizes and on different screens.
  • Keep the images simple and focused on your theme, rather than posting multiple assorted photos that are seemingly random in selection.

c. Add text to your images. Not only does it help pinners know what your pin is about, your images with text stand out on a user’s feed better to make it more dynamic and appealing. Use free image editing tools like Canva and PicMonkey to add text to your pictures.

Pinterest marketing profits

4. Join Pinterest Group Boards

Popular Pinterest group boards can be a great way to drive more website traffic to your blog.

Community boards that allow other pinners to add posts are quite popular with Pinterest users, and can get your pins better exposure and wider reach.

You’ll be able to speed up the growth of your followers by participating in a group board. It’s not hard to find suitable group boards on Pinterest because there are dozens, if not hundreds, devoted to every topic under the sun!

The easiest way to find group boards is to search on by using a specific keyword. You’ll get a list of group boards focused on the topic. You can also seek them out by browsing your feed. You’ll recognize them by the profile picture which is split in three, to indicate multiple pinners managing these boards.

You can join one of these Pinterest group boards in one of the following ways:

  • Get to know the person who created the board, and then ask to be added as a contributor. It helps if you start by pinning their content and commenting on their posts to establish a relationship.Tip: The board owner is the first profile that you’ll find listed on the group board.
  • Follow the instructions posted by board administrators about becoming a contributor. These details are often provided in the description. Sometimes, all it takes is to email the group creator asking to be allowed to add your pins to the board.
  • Have another group member invite you to join.

If posting to somebody else’s group board doesn’t sound very attractive, you can create one of your own – and invite others to join in. This way, you get to decide who will be guest publishers to your group.

5. Engage Your Pinterest Audience

Social marketing is about being social. And when you engage your followers on Pinterest, they’re more likely to visit your blog to learn more about you and your business.

How can you engage on Pinterest?

For the best results, your pins should be

  • helpful and useful to other pinners
  • detailed so that viewers know what it’s about
  • interesting, and play on the pinner’s emotions
  • actionable with a call to do something (check out your site or buy from you)

Here are some ideas to make your presence on Pinterest more engaging and interactive:

a. Make sure that you always pin good, relevant and original photos or pictures.

b. Update your boards often so that your Pins make it onto your followers’ feeds regularly

c. Follow back the people who follow your account on Pinterest

d. Drop by your followers’ boards and check out their pins to see if you can find new content ideas

e. Ask your audience questions – and promise to answer them on your blog

f. Re-pin posts made by your followers, and comment on their posts

g. Re-pin content from industry leaders, celebrities and influencers that your followers will enjoy

If you do this consistently, your following should grow steadily and a fair share of your audience will follow along to your blog or website. Some will end up buying from you, and even telling their friends about it.

Pinterest traffic

6. Make It Easy To Find Your Pins

Pins are indexed on search engines and can also be found on internal searches run on Pinterest. So using good SEO technique is important to get your pins noticed.

a. In your Pinterest account settings, make sure that Pins are searchable and can be accessed by public search engines.

b. Make your blog Board title the same as your blog title, and try to include relevant keywords in it as well as your profile.

c. Describe your post with appropriate keywords.

d. Use hashtags in your description to help search engines locate relevant content.

e. Use keywords in all image ‘alt’ tags

7. Sign up for a Pinterest business account

A free Pinterest business account can make a big impact on your pinning activities. Above all, you’ll get access to Pinterest analytics which provides you with vital data on how people engage with your pins.

You’ll be able to tell which posts or pictures get the widest exposure or the deepest engagement, so that you can share more of them. And you can track the growth of your following, the trends for responsiveness, and time of the day during which you get the best engagement. All of this helps tailor your pinning activity to be most effective.

Rich Pins are another innovation that let you display more information than on standard pins. You can take advantage of the special highlighting features that are optimized for 6 different kinds of pins

  • movies
  • articles
  • products
  • apps
  • recipes
  • place

Article pins can help drive additional visitors to your blog by showcasing your headline and including a brief description along with the pinned photo or picture. Once you draw pinners to your website, you can promote your products or services with a web page that’s better tailored to boost conversion into sales.

The other types of Rich Pins have similar advantages in improving engagement and click rates. Product Pins actually display price and availability data, and App Pins let you install an app right from Pinterest.

As you can see, there are several ways in which you can harness the incredible traffic potential of Pinterest and use it to drive more website traffic. It’s time to dive deep into this treasure trove of visitors – and come up bearing pearls!

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