How Powerful Are Testimonials, Endorsements And Reviews

What goes into making up an effective testimonial?

That’s a fascinating question – and the answer will constantly evolve, changing as you get more and more of them.

If you haven’t got any testimonials until now, that’s ok. I didn’t either – when I got started! Now I have many. And it helps with how to upsell products.

You’ll just need to work on going out and getting them too.

  • From your buyers
  • From your subscribers
  • From your suppliers
  • From your partners
  • Even from your friends and family, to begin with

There’s an effective method to get specific, useful, informative testimonials which will have the most impact on building your profits, and help you make more sales.

So if you would like to further enhance the power of this effective lever in further building your success in business, you should plan on learning more and more about ‘testimonial marketing’ – and add force to your business.

Have you ever wondered why testimonials are so effective in closing sales and boosting profits?

It goes back to an evolutionary principle that guides survival of the human race itself…

Social Proof.

When confronted by unfamiliar situations, we tend to look to our peers for validation – to see if there is a benefit, or danger, from doing it ourselves.

More people doing it, equals safety, pleasure, profit – or at least, it can’t be harmful!

So on a website, if prospective buyers see testimonials from people like themselves – users of the product or service, who have found it helpful, pleasurable, enriching… they are more inclined to try it out.

Result? More sales!

While any testimonial at all will have a positive effect on hesitant shoppers, there are a few ways you can position your best reviews to compel and convince more effectively.

That’s what you’ll learn about in this special business optimization report titled “POWERFUL TESTIMONIALSSell More, Increase Revenue & Dominate Your Market”.

You’ll learn for FREE:

  • To find out what people are saying about you and your products
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  • Four types of testimonials – and how to use them
  • A tested-and-proven way to get useful testimonials
  • What is the best time to ask for testimonials?
  • Where to place testimonials for maximum impact?
  • Ways to use testimonials wisely – and profitably

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