Product Launch Formula Review (PLF Review)

Read this Product Launch Formula review if you’re thinking of getting Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF) course. Don’t rush in before you answer 3 CRITICAL questions every PLF review should address… but most don’t!

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Go through this Product Launch Formula review. See if it’s right for you. And if it is available, order it today.

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Product Launch Formula Review


  1. The Condensed Launch Workshop
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  2. 100+ INCREDIBLE Case Studies
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This isn’t going to be like any other Product Launch Formula review you’ve ever read or watched!

That’s because I’m going to cut right to the chase and address the 3 most important questions running through your mind as you get bombarded by emails and banner ads that urge you to hurry up and buy Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formulaso you can crack the code on wildly profitable product launches.

If you’re looking for PLF reviews, surely you don’t want to be bored by details – about what’s included in the course, how you’ll get access to it, how to go through the course material, and more.


Not before you first decide whether or not to buy PLF at all.

You want answers – and quick, straight, direct answers – to these


  1. Should you buy Product Launch Formula?
  2. Is PLF worth the investment? (And it costs a pretty penny!)
  3. Can you profit from what you learn in it?

That’s all you’re looking for in a Product Launch Formula review.

So let’s get straight to the point.

Once you’ve found these answers, you’ll may decide to get PLF when it next launches.

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At that point, you can visit the PLF sales page, read the detailed sales letter (or watch the explanatory video) to see what’s included, and then go ahead and place your order.

But how do we get from where you are right now – to the point when you’re ready and eager to buy Product Launch Formula?

By answering those THREE critical questions, one after another.

Ready? Off we go…

Product Launch Formula review - PLF review question 1

PLF REVIEW QUESTION #1: Should You Buy Product Launch Formula?

Before answering that question, let me explain WHO will benefit from getting the PLF course.

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is an ideal program for anyone planning to start a business or launch a new product or service.

  • Maybe you’ve tried to sell a product earlier, but failed.
  • Or perhaps you’ve got a fantastic idea, but aren’t sure who wants to buy it.
  • Or you’re working too hard to make a few sales, and want to ramp things up.

If that’s you, PLF will be helpful.

Product Launch Formula Review - PLF Owners
Product Launch Formula Owners

It’s a great course on launching a product for anyone who has an audience – and wants to release a new product profitably. So you’ll benefit from Product Launch Formula if you’re a

  • blogger or podcaster
  • coach or trainer
  • public speaker
  • consultant or mentor
  • author
  • affiliate marketer
  • programmer or coder
  • e-commerce vendor

More important than what you do is…

WHO you are.

Because Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is a very comprehensive course on selling products and services, it takes a certain kind of person to benefit from the training.

  • You should be willing to put in the work.
  • It is NOT a ‘get rich quick‘ scheme.
  • You should be able to afford the cost (it’s a sizable investment).
  • It’s a course about selling stuff – so you should have (or plan to create) something to sell.

If you’re looking for a magic push-button solution to make you rich overnight, skip PLF. And if you’re already at a level of business growth where you’re selling a lot and earning plenty, say mid-six figures a year, you might find the course material too basic.

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Now let’s address that first question once again:

Should You Buy Product Launch Formula?

If you’re a hard-working entrepreneur who is excited about launching a new product or service, looking forward to reaching hundreds of new customers, and eager to try out some tested and proven ideas to make a flood of sales, then you should buy Product Launch Formula.

Which brings us to the next important question any Product Launch Formula review should address…

Product Launch Formula Review - PLF review question 2

PLF REVIEW QUESTION #2: Is PLF worth the investment?

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you understand the term ‘Return on Investment‘ – or R.O.I.

It’s a measure (or estimate) of what you can expect to get in exchange for making an upfront investment into something.

To decide if Product Launch Formula is worth the investment, we’ll take a look at some of its striking features and benefits – and then compare them against the cost.

Jeff Walker Is A Real Expert

He’s been at this for two decades. He has launched PLF itself FOURTEEN times – and every one of them has grossed over $1 million. In fact, his best promotion brought in $5.1 MILLION. Jeff walks the talk when it comes to product launches. And he talks a simple, clear, easy to understand language that anybody can follow and understand.

Jeff Walker - Product Launch Formula Review

PLF Training Is Comprehensive

It covers everything. In Product Launch Formula, you’ll learn both theory and practical stuff about releasing a new product and generating huge profits. This is a no-fluff, no-nonsense course on product launches, yet very extensive and thorough.

Step by Step Instructions

Product Launch Formula explains what to do in a launch – and why it works. You’ll be handheld through each step of a launch sequence. The lessons cover

  • Laying your Foundation
  • Planning a Launch
  • Pre-Launch
  • Cart Open Tactics
  • Internal Launches
  • Seed Launches

And you get access to your trainer through live calls where you can have doubts cleared up or ask questions about things you’d like more information.

Get This Product Launch Formula Review Template

You Get Templates

Selling often depends upon saying the right things at the right time. It takes time and effort to learn and practice this. Product Launch Formula hands you the readymade sales scripts for each step – so you can short-circuit your learning and generate sales instantly.

So let’s return to the second critical question:

Is PLF worth the investment?

You tell me – What is it worth to have a world-class expert coach lead you step by step through a comprehensive training program where you’ll learn exactly how to launch a product profitably – and then also be given the sales scripts that have been proven to pull in a flood of sales?

Clearly it’s worth a lot.

Product Launch Formula Review - Investment

Just how much you feel such a program is worth depends upon you, your business, your background, your financial situation and your attitude.

Most Product Launch Formula reviews will gloss over the high price of this course. Not me. In this PLF review, I clearly tell you that this is an expensive program – but delivers great value for that price.

Whether you’re convinced it’s worth investing in PLF will depend upon the answer to the third critical question…

Product Launch Formula review - PLF review question 3

PLF REVIEW QUESTION #3: Can you profit from what you learn in it?

Look, I understand.

It doesn’t matter how valuable or precious the Product Launch Formula course content is – unless you can turn a profit from it, you don’t care.

So let’s talk about that frankly in this PLF review.

Here are some potential problems or difficulties:

  • Product Launch Formula is an extensive course

There’s a ton of information included. And many more bonuses will be thrown in over time. You won’t be able to consume all this knowledge in a few hours. You’ll watch the video lessons, read the content, listen and learn on member-only phone calls – and then put what you’ve learned to work in your business.

  • Knowing what to implement first can be confusing

As you wade through the material, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you have someone you can brainstorm ideas with, it will help. But initially, your brain will buzz with so many ideas, it can be tough to know where to get started with the Product Launch Formula process.

  • It takes time and effort

Nothing about the Product Launch Formula system is easy, simple or effortless. If any Product Launch Formula review suggests this is a lazy way to rapid profits, don’t you dare believe it! You’ll have to slog through the excellent content – and try out new ideas to see how well they work for you.

And that’s why only you can answer the last critical question: Can you profit from what you learn in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula course?

Product Launch Formula review - Profit

Listen, you don’t need to have a huge success or hit a home-run with every idea.

Sure, some Product Launch Formula students have raked in impressive sums from product launches. One of the famous featured PLF owners went from no product and an email list of 80 to launch a calligraphy product that generated over $230,000 in salesfrom her first attempt!

Clearly, that’s not typical.

But think about this…

What if you could accomplish barely ONE-FIFTIETH of this success with the expert training of a seasoned coach and mentor like Jeff Walker!

You’d still recoup your investment in Product Launch Formula – and even make a profit… right from the first effort.

And these timeless principles of launching a product profitably have earned Jeff Walker himself in excess of $1 million – for each of his FOURTEEN prior launches of PLF!


Product Launch Formula reviews - Success Stories

So let’s go back to the THREE CRITICAL QUESTIONS every PLF review should address – but most actually don’t!

  1. Should you buy Product Launch Formula?
  2. Is PLF worth the investment?
  3. Can you profit from what you learn in it?

In this Product Launch Formula review, I’ve limited myself to answering only these important questions.

Knowing the answers, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Either Product Launch Formula is right for you. Or it isn’t.

If it is, go ahead and explore the official PLF website. Read the detailed sales letter. Watch the sales video. Even sit through the four lessons of Jeff Walker’s live Launch Masterclassfor free!

Product Launch Formula Review - Jeff Walker

Then make up your mind about getting PLF – or not.

Don’t let the hype and hoopla of Product Launch Formula bonuses and special add-ons seduce you. Frankly, you won’t have time or energy to take advantage of them – and you don’t even NEED anything more than what’s included in the PLF course to succeed wildly at your launch.

So cut through the clutter.

Go right to the core.

Decide if PLF is right for you. Think about your financial situation, and see if it permits an investment in the program. Assess if you’ll profit from the powerful lessons you’ll learn in the Product Launch Formula course.

And then make your final decision.

If you click on this link to go to the official Product Launch Formula website, you’ll find all the details you need to know before you punch that order button.

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Hopefully this Product Launch Formula review helped you get from where you were at the beginning of this visit – to being ready to learn how to launch your product profitably.

I wish you every success in the future.

Product Launch Formula Review : Success Stories (Video)