I Spent This Morning Deploying Some Productivity Hacks

Discover how simple productivity hacks can transform your life!

It was past midnight when I closed the window and turned off my computer.

For an hour, I had been watching an amazing presentation by Kevin Fahey. It was about his ‘Productivity Hacks‘.

I was amazed at how many tips, ideas and strategies he packed into such a brief talk. But even more amazed at the takeaways I got from it…

Because I am an expert at personal productivity!

For years and years, I have thrived on being exceptionally productive.

  • I manage my time well.
  • Set goals effectively, and achieve them.
  • Use ‘to do lists’ extensively.
  • Have painstakingly built efficient habits.
  • And above all else, learned how to focus intensely upon the job at hand.

In fact, I’ve written books on each of these topics.

And am actually in the middle of planning a launch of SIX different ebooks – along with a 6-module coaching program – on, guess what…?

Personal Productivity!

So if a coach who teaches folks to be more productive actually learned something new and fresh from another guy’s short presentation, he can’t be much of a teacher, right?


Nobody knows it all.

And if anyone claims to be the ULTIMATE guide to personal productivity and self development, ignore him (or her) and find another mentor. In fact, the best teachers are the ones who are constantly learning from others, improving their knowledge, upgrading their skills.

That’s what I did late last night.

As someone who buys and reads a lot of books, I subscribe to the idea that if you can get even ONE good idea from a $19 ebook, it will be a huge return on a modest investment.

As a writer who also sells a lot of books, I believe in loading my guides with so many good ideas that most readers will find at least one, if not ten – making the modest price I charge for them a steal.

On both counts, Kevin has me beat!

His ‘Productivity Hacks‘ gave me FOUR fresh ideas – each worth a small fortune.

And all he charges for it was 5 bucks!

It’s worth 5 times more. 50 times, really.

I won’t be giving away much if I share just one of the many ‘Productivity Hacks’ Kevin revealed…

“Make a 2 year plan!”

That’s right. Outline your next 24 months.

I’ve done this before, but kind of loosely, as a free-form exercise. It worked very well. Brought some big results.

The biggest risk with personal productivity lies in overlooking the obvious.

Even though I knew this before, lately I had stopped practicing it. Also, I’ve ignored the effect of growing older, which limits how much of a complex plan you can juggle in your mind alone.

When I started writing it downon paper, using a pen – things magically got clearer.

It took around two hours to get the rough draft of this plan ready. It will take a bit of tweaking and fine tuning before it’s complete. And over the course of months, it will certainly undergo a bit of modification and adjustment.

The key, though, is that in certain ways, I will have a much clearer idea of the direction I’m moving, as well as a more defined list of actions to take every day, week and month over the period – in order to reach the targets I’ve set myself.

That’s the key essence of personal productivity.

And just one of Kevin’s ‘Productivity Hacks helped achieve this clarity.

There were many, many more in his presentation. When you consider that all it will cost you is 5 bucks and an hour of your time, you’ll quickly realize this could well be the BEST investment in your year this far… and one that can transform your coming years, too.

And, of course, you should also consider getting my book “Knife At a Gun Fight” which covers the important elements of personal productivity… and maybe even join my 6-module course on personal transformation here.

Or you could just carry on the way you always do… blunder, stumble and struggle along.

Productivity Hacks

It’s often easy to be convinced and carried away once you’ve experienced success with anything. So if you’d like a quick, simple productivity hack that can change the way you’ve always done things – and boost your productivity massively – then go over to this website and pick up a free special report.

It details my ‘33:33 System‘ of getting things done.

In it, you’ll discover how simple productivity hacks can astronomically improve your outcomes, results and accomplishments.

When you’re convinced that these hacks truly work, it will be easier to

On the other hand, you can just take my word for it – and do them all right now!

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