Risk Reversal : How To Take Away Their Risk

Keep this in mind.

In any transaction in business, one of the two sides is being asked to assume a greater portion of the risk.

If you can minimize (or completely eliminate) the risk your prospect is asked to take, that could become one of the most powerful levers in getting them to begin a relationship with your business.

If you’re making some sales, moving your product, offering your services – WITHOUT a strong guarantee, imagine how much more you can achieve with a great risk reversal process in place!

I changed my risk reversal statement using some tested and proven concepts – and saw my sales conversion TRIPLE, even though…

It was for one of my higher priced products.

And yes, because of a strong risk reversal offer, there were more refund requests.

But they only increased by 15% over what it was before, while there were three times more buyers… and so I ended up more than doubling my profits, just from this single business optimization force-multiplier!

That’s how effective a powerfully denominated, clearly stated, bold and unconditional guarantee can be to your business. But there’s more to it than just slapping a risk reversing statement on your sales process.

You’ve got to understand nuances like:

  • Ways to eliminate any perception of risk
  • Make it (almost) painless to accept your offer
  • Different approaches you can take to reduce risk
  • Understanding the case for guaranteeing your sale
  • Tactics that maximize the impact from your guarantee
  • What to say (and how) if you want more people to buy

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