How To Stay Focused

How To Focus On What You Want – And Get Things Done

So you want to learn how to stay focused?

How to stay focused? For many of us, this is difficult to achieve. Amidst the phone calls, text messages, and the multitude of distractions that crowd your Life, keeping your mind on the subject at hand can be quite a challenge.

Statistics show that at least 50% of average American employees can only achieve a distraction-free period of work for 15 minutes at a stretch. That means for a 15 minute span of time, your typical office-goer is productive. Then distractions crash in, causing all productivity to come to a halt.

Among those employees 53% said it is usual for them to spend at least an hour every day dealing with the hassles that distract them. So with those facts in mind, the question of How to stay focused becomes a vitally important one for most of the population.

It really doesn’t matter if your distractions are from day to day stress, a lack of sleep, or noise that fills the room. Distractions are just simply that, distractions. And they slow down the process of completing your job, lower your ability to concentrate, and leave you behind on getting your task list finished.

Our modern technology-driven society can attribute many things to the short attention span of workers. Starting from text messages and extending to the temptations of the World Wide Web, there are countless things that combine to distract your attention. Studies have shown that men have a harder time focusing and retaining their focus than women.


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So how to stay focused?

Scientifically, the brain may be the root cause of this short attention span. Learning how to stay focused may depend upon neuronal connections in the prefrontal cortex. That particular area of the brain regulates our emotions and helps with a person’s attention span.

While the specific reasons for a lack of attention vary, people find it hard to remain on track with the many distractions that draw them away from work. What can a person do to prevent these distractions?

First, it is always best to have a job that you love to do and keep your mind upon that job. Love of your work will help keep it manageable and meaningful.

In the quest to remain focused, you will need to pinpoint any issues that cause the most distractions. Once the problems have been identified, working towards eliminating that issue becomes easier.

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If you get hungry or tired easily, or if the ambient noise aggravates the problem, then a solution must be worked through. It is easy to grab a snack, or take steps to eliminate fatigue (sleep well at night, eat healthy food, avoid excessive stress and anxiety). A noise-cancelling headset or better sound-proofing of your office area will reduce noise related distractions.

After the problem areas have been identified, you should learn how to focus and strive to make sure that it doesn’t arise again. Plan ahead to address the root cause and do it permanently, so that the trouble is fixed and won’t recur over and over.

Start the day with a healthy meal to cut down on hunger pangs mid-way through work. Allow your mind to work towards your daily goals and get them completed one after another. This is especially important for students who want to focus on studying.

When you are over-stressed, work towards a peaceful state by trying to be as calm and serene as you can. Meditation has been shown to not only help reduce stress and fatigue, but also help improve brain function. All that is needed is a few moments in the day to sit back, relax, and breathe in deeply and let your mind unwind from the day’s turmoil.

Social media and the Internet have added more rabbit holes to scurry down and waste your work day. When you’re working, turn off your Internet connection (or at least stop accessing Facebook, Twitter or YouTube). Work offline, to the extent that your job permits, in order to help keep your attention on the job at hand.

Another way to keep your mind focused at work is to follow the rule of breaking down your work into multiple small tasks, to help move your day along. Remove the things that draw your attention away from your work and soon you will no longer worry about how to stay focused at work.

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