Atrio-Ventricular Valves – AV Valves

The Atrio-Ventricular valves (or A-V valves) are exactly what their name implies. They are valves located between the atria and ventricles.

Since there are two atria and two ventricles, it follows naturally that there must be two A-V valves. The one on the right is called the Tricuspid Valve and the one on the left is called the Mitral Valve.

Why should we have A-V valves ?

In earlier articles, we have seen how the heart contracts forcefully and ejects blood from its lower chambers called the ventricles. This blood leaves the heart and flows to the other organs of the body.

We have also seen that the blood enters the ventricles from the upper chambers of the heart called the atria. Now, what then keeps the blood flowing in a forward direction into the arteries to the other organs, rather than backwards into the atria?

You’ve got it right – the A-V Valves!

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