Keep Moving Forwards

My daughter had just taken her school final¬†maths exam – and was shell-shocked! Dazed and upset, she described her struggle to complete a paper that probably was 45 minutes too lengthy – and that left many of her classmates literally in tears. Some high-drama then played out across the country over this issue. Parents launched … Read more

It’s My Destiny

“Every man has but one destiny.” ¬†– Don Corleone, in ‘The Godfather’ Every morning I drive down Sterling Road, one of Chennai’s oldest avenues. Each time, a mini-movie plays in my mind. It features a long-dead classmate with a penchant for riding powerful motorcycles. I’m standing near the old bell in med school, chatting with … Read more

Why not TODAY?

Someone who heard about my hectic, yet fun day with the 24-hour non-stop Heart Kids blogathon said: “I’m inspired to do the same some day.” My reply: Thanks, but why not begin TODAY? It’s exactly how the fund raising event was set into motion several years ago – by someone asking me, “Why not just … Read more