What Do Your People Want?

I wrote and published my first ebook way back in 1997.

It was for a very small and specialized niche. Since then, that little ebook has sold over SEVEN HUNDRED copies. Even today, it sells a few every month – with no effort at all.

That didn’t happen because I was smart – but because I was lucky.

Very lucky.

Intuitively I had picked a niche that was in high demand by my target audience. It was information they simply had to have, because it offered the solution to a pressing problem that couldn’t be solved in any other way.

Few information marketers today have the luxury of taking such a chance with their product creation, especially now when over-looked niches with little competition are almost non-existent. More than ever before, anyone venturing into a new niche must be able to do one thing accurately and well in order to succeed.

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Without Real Competition

“The toughest steel is forged in the hottest fire.” Steel can only be forged in a furnace. Without exposure to extremely high temperatures, the metal wouldn’t be quite as strong. Coal becomes a glittering diamond only after being crushed by intense pressure for thousands of years. Competition is the stress that brings out the best … Read more


What does being competitive mean? On one level, it’s an issue of QUALITY. Are you (or your products/services) good enough to compete against others? On another, though, it’s about ATTITUDE. How badly do you want to win? This isn’t just semantics. It’s integral to the concept. Because of… The Exponential Nature of Competition Here’s something … Read more