Coronary Arteries – Lifeline of the Heart

Before we talk about coronary artery disease and its treatment, it is necessary to understand what exactly the human coronary artery system is made up of. I will briefly explain the coronary arterial tree in man, and later we will see what disease of these arteries can cause.

Why do we need coronary arteries ?

As we have discussed earlier, the heart is a muscular pump that contracts to force blood to flow through arteries to each part of the body, providing nutrients and oxygen for their normal function. To perform such work, the heart muscle itself requires energy.

How is this energy provided? Nature has designed a special carrier system to supply oxygen and nutrient-rich blood directly to the heart muscle. This system is the coronary arteries.

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What Is The Heart?

“Go to your bosom
Knock there and ask your heart
What it doth know”

William Shakespeare.


The heart is the symbol of life. It is also a symbol of love. The heart also stands for courage – we talk about being lion-hearted. It also indicates joy and happiness – as in being a hearty soul.

In medical terms, the heart is the pump that supplies blood and provides energy to the rest of the body. We’ll take a quick look at how the heart is structured. This small, yet powerful, muscular pump has always fascinated me, and I hope some of this amazement will be transferred to you too!

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