How To Write Effective Follow Up Email

Make follow up email your new best friend!

In a world that’s whizzing by in a rush, getting your prospect’s attention is hard work.

Keeping it long enough to make your pitch is harder still.

That’s why you shouldn’t try to do it all at once. Break it up. Repeat your message. Drip your marketing campaign into their email inbox. And over time, you’ll win mindshare – which leads to closing a sale.

Follow up email marketing is the best way to do this cost-effectively.

You’ll be amazed after studying this free report to see just how profitable it can be to repeat your marketing message via email to the same audience. In fact, if reading the case study I’ve shared in it doesn’t get you excited about running follow up email campaigns, then you should check to see if you still have a pulse!

Yes, that’s how exciting this business optimization tactic is. I’ve enjoyed the benefits of it, and will show you exactly how you can, too.

Like my other reports in this Email Marketing Success series (which you can read online for free – click here for the links), this one also shares the powerful lessons learned from a 26-week mentorship program where I trained under three of the best-known email marketing specialists in the world.

The program cost me $5,000.00 – but what I picked up from that training has earned me a huge multiple in return. Now you can get some of the best, most effective and highly profitable lessons from this course – absolutely free!

But there’s a problem with that.

We tend to value something based on how expensive it is, or how difficult it is to get. And when I share this detailed process without charging you a small fortune for it, you’ll tend to undervalue it – or even dismiss it as “worthless”.

And that could be the BIGGEST mistake of your marketing career!

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