9 Ideas To Automate Your Website Feedback

Just imagine if you could automate the way you handle feedback from visitors to your website.

The only way you can make enough time for developing and promoting your website is by streamlining the way you handle feedback – by automating it to the max.

The Webmaster’s daily prayer goes somewhat like this:

“God, please give me 28 hours today. If that isn’t possible, at least let me get the most out of the 24 there are!”

As your Website grows by leaps and bounds, the days seem to become increasingly shorter and the unanswered email keeps piling up in your inbox. Such is the price of glory!

On one hand, you are happy that so many people visit your Website and take the trouble of writing to you. On the other, you simply don’t have the time or energy to respond to each message personally.

And it goes against your nature to simply delete such email feedback, or reply with a standard message saying “Thank you for writing, I really appreciate it”!

So what can you do?

The one word answer –


By their very nature, computers are ideal for carrying out repetitive, boring tasks automatically and perfectly.

It is a simple job to make the computer that hosts your Website reply to most feedback messages, and even personalize the response to an extent. 

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