Atrial Septum and Ventricular Septum – Dividers Inside Your Heart

In earlier articles, you have read about the upper and lower chambers of the heart – the atria and the ventricles.

You have also seen that the circulation is divided into two separate streams, one of which has blood returning from other organs back to the heart for oxygenation, and the other from the heart distributing pure blood back to the body. It is essential that the heart chambers are separated from each other by walls to prevent mixing of these two streams of blood.

This article is about the walls that partition the two sides – the right and left – of these chambers – the inter-atrial septum and inter-ventricular septum.

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What Is The Heart?

“Go to your bosom
Knock there and ask your heart
What it doth know”

William Shakespeare.


The heart is the symbol of life. It is also a symbol of love. The heart also stands for courage – we talk about being lion-hearted. It also indicates joy and happiness – as in being a hearty soul.

In medical terms, the heart is the pump that supplies blood and provides energy to the rest of the body. We’ll take a quick look at how the heart is structured. This small, yet powerful, muscular pump has always fascinated me, and I hope some of this amazement will be transferred to you too!

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