Banana fingers

A few of us grandkids walked home from Marina beach one evening with Grandpa. We stopped by a fruit-seller’s cart. He sold bananas. “How much are they?” Grandpa asked. They haggled. The vendor pointed at the other end of his cart. “For your price, you’ll get those.” Grandpa glared for a while and said, “But … Read more

When Do You Stop?

“It’s my son’s graduation this evening. But I’ve so many patients waiting!” To see the chairman of a hospital, who healed thousands every year, so despondent and mired in angst over a self-created dilemma was heart-breaking. For the next five minutes, I was at my persuasive best. I argued that he must stop putting patients … Read more

3 Precious Lessons I Wish I’d Learned In My Twenties…


But Am Glad To Know Today!

3 precious lessons I wish I'd learned in my twenties

As I cruise into ripe ol’ middle age, I’m growing wiser. Every day. And wonder… what took me so long?

I mean, so many of these powerful lessons learned in life are blindingly obvious – once they are learned. I’ll talk about just three of them today.

1. Security is a Myth

I have a diary from the 1980s. On one page of it, I see notations, in rows and columns, of figures, estimates and calculations. They are the fruit of an exercise which took a few weeks, trying to estimate how much money I’d need to save up to live a retired, comfortable life.

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