Taken For Granted

My first thought upon waking up this morning was how much we take for granted.

The list goes on and on.

All of this leads to 2 points I want to make.

1. What if we woke up every morning feeling grateful for all the things we have – that until now, we have taken for granted?

2. What if, just once every YEAR, we thought about those who do not have the things we have taken for granted?

Or maybe once a month?

Or… daily?!



4 thoughts on “Taken For Granted”

  1. Gratitude is the root of good energy and abundance that flows into our lives. We do take alot of things for granted. When I go for walks, I think about all the people who can’t walk…When I take a long, warm shower I think about the millions of people who don’t have running water – much less a shower!

    Thank you for this wonderful post 😉

  2. Hi Mani,
    a very sensitive and thoughtful post! I have many moments where I am aware that it’s a gift/luxury to do something I am doing and give thanks that I can. But, I often forget too. Thanks for reminding me, and many others as well.

  3. Catherine Ponder observes that, in general, wealthy, prosperous people are more appreciative of kindnesses done to them, and are more likely to acknowledge them with notes and small gifts.

    Which came first, do you think? The wealth or the “attitide of gratitude”?

  4. A long time ago, I used to wear a T’shirt which had – I HAVE A PROBLEM – printed.
    It took me to dizzy heights – wondering what goes in the minds of people reading it.

    Presently my favourite T’shirt has the following:
    ” I was born intelligent, but education ruined it”.

    In actual fact – my academic level is Grade 10 – average 16/17 years.

    Dr Mani – Thanks to you, in spite of 32 years of travel around 40,000 feet – I have my vissions at divine heights now.

    Thanks again Sir.

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