The Heart – An Introduction

Welcome to the virtual ‘Heart School’

The heart is a fascinating organ.

From the moment it begins beating, until it finally stops, the human heart works without a break. In a life-span of seventy years, the heart beats more than two and a half BILLION times, without ever pausing to rest.

And as it beats, it preserves LIFE.

No other organ has caught the imagination of painters and poets alike. Let danger threaten, and the thrilling heart skips a beat, and tight-rope walks arrhythmically. And all the while, we feel it, hear it even – WE, its stage and its audience.

It was not the livers or brains or entrails of saints that were lifted from the body in sublimest autopsy. It was the heart they cradled into worshipful palms, then soaked in wine and herbs and set into silver relinquaries for the veneration of the faithful.

It follows quite naturally that Love should choose such an organ for its bower. When Love blooms therein, the heart dances – and is lost to the loved one!

The heart has from time immemorial been surrounded by an aura of mystery and awe. Although some of this has been dispelled by the “cold reality” of modern science and technology, which has unravelled the mechanics of the heart, the air of fascination and wonder that the heart inspires in man has not diminished.

So JOIN ME THEN, and we will explore this wonderful organ….

  • Discover the complexities of its structure and function….

  • Journey down the blood stream and experience the efficiency of the circulation….

  • See how diseases of the heart are detected….

  • Marvel at the miracle that is “Open Heart Surgery”….

  • Learn about the people who make it happen….

  • Understand all about the different defects of the heart, and how they are treated.

And soon I hope your fascination and curiosity will turn into understanding and respect for this magnificent work of creation called THE HEART!

I’ll present to you the best the Internet has to offer about the heart.

You’ll have the chance to learn all about the intricate make up and function of the human heart. I will explain, with the help of pictures and photographs, how the heart looks and works… its chambers, walls, valves and blood vessels, the way it works to maintain life, and much more – all in the simplest language possible.

The articles you’ll find here are:

And as you begin to appreciate the great complexity of this wonder of creation, it will become obvious that damage and defects of the heart are indeed quite likely.

How does the “medicine man” know what is wrong with someone’s heart? Magic? Intuition? Guesswork? 

No, No, No!

It’s science, and highly advanced and technical stuff, at that. In the HEART LABORATORY you will read all about the tests doctors run to detect heart disease – from simple ones like an X-ray or EKG to the more esoteric ones like MRI and Isotope testing.

Although there are literally hundreds of diseases that can affect the heart, they may all be conveniently grouped under just FOUR major heads – CONGENITAL, VALVULAR, ISCHEMIC and CARDIOMYOPATHY. Over the past four decades, the science of repairing heart defects has evolved into a fine art.

And as science advances, doctors are trying their best to make treatment simpler, less painful, more successful and less expensive.

So if you’re ready to begin an exciting voyage to understand the heart, let’s get started.

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