How To Think About Money (SToM 4/6)

I’ve been thinking about money.

And realize that HOW you think about it often determines how much you’ll make.

Or how you’ll go about it.

Or how you’ll feel with more (or less) money.

Interesting, right?

There’s a thing called ‘money consciousness‘.

Almost every guide to wealth-building I’ve studied mentions it prominently.

And from personal experience, I can confidently assert that how you think and feel ABOUT money… influences how you earn, accumulate or grow it.

So where do our feelings about money come from?

For many of us, it’s early conditioning.

Starting right from childhood.

Our circumstances vary widely.

Some are rich. Others poor.

Whether there’s always enough money to go around… or never is – determines the way you grow up.

And the way people around you talk – and act – about money.

That differs, too.

Some attitudes are healthy. Others are not.

Just think about some popular adjectives used to describe wealth and large fortunes…

  • He’s stinking rich
  • They’re terribly wealthy
  • She’s filthy rich

Or the more pejorative ones, like…

  • fat cats
  • idle rich
  • blood money

Or milder, yet envious terms, like…

  • rolling in cash
  • on Easy Street
  • with money to burn

At first glance, this might seem like no big deal.

After all, these are just common ways to refer to folks having a lot of money.

But as you already know, nothing is quite so simple.

And the words we use to describe – to ourselves – the things we think about… reflect deep-rooted biases and beliefs that we nurture about them.

When your feelings about money are negative, your ‘money consciousness‘ follows the same trajectory.

You send repelling vibes about money out into the universe.

You sub-consciously tend to act according to your deep-seated beliefs.

Hence the catchy title of what’s possibly the best book of all time about making money…

Napoleon Hill‘s famous ‘Think And Grow Rich‘.

I re-read it recently.

For the n’th time.

As always, it helped to program my ‘money consciousness‘.

Because, you see, all those uncharitable biases about wealth and money are often unfounded.

Almost all the fabulously wealthy people I know…

(Notice the adjective I used there? FABULOUSLY. It’s positive, upbeat, energizing!)

  • are good, honest (largely!), decent people
  • are helpful, generous and charitable folks
  • are deeply aware of their role as stewards of their wealth
  • are readily willing to guide and mentor others at they’ve succeeded in
  • are dedicated to solving problems that they feel matter in the world

While others (their critics) may prefer that these millionaires:

  • don’t enjoy the fruits of their hard work, skill and judgment
  • give a part (or all) of their riches away (to them, especially!)
  • address issues that they (the critics) deem worthy

Wealthy people THINK differently.

They are often busy shaping the world.

Changing it.

Now, of course everyone else won’t agree with what they’re doing.

Or how they go about it.

But these enterprising wealth-creators themselves are convinced… that the changes they work on will make things better – for EVERYONE.

Yes, it will make them rich (or richer). For sure.

And with the right attitude towards money and wealth, you’ll stand and cheer for them… for that very reason.

Because if self-benefit motivates one to act in a way that shapes the world more positively…

It’s a Win-Win deal!

To see that, however, you need to think about money

In the right way.