How To THINK Differently : Dealing With A Changed Post-COVID World

THINK Differently



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May you live in interesting times, goes an ancient Chinese curse.

In our modern era, a virus that first was detected in China and has since rapidly spread around the world has led us into very interesting times.

Or perhaps “interesting” isn’t the right word.

Scary times. Fearful times. Distressing times.

Worrying times.

Uncertain times.

All of this, for sure.

And just now, there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.

Not only is there no cure, vaccine or effective prevention on the horizon for a virus infection that has brought over one half of the world’s population to a screeching stop… there’s also a snowballing economic devastation which is building up to breaking point.

  • Every indicator of economic progress is in the amber (if not red) zone.
  • Employers are worried about meeting payroll and covering overheads.
  • Employees are concerned if they’ll get paid, suffer steep pay cuts, or if they’ll even retain their jobs.

Economists wrestle with the tough challenges of kickstarting a commercial engine that has sputtered and died – because of an incredibly rare failure on both the ‘supply‘ and ‘demand‘ side.

  • In other words, no one is buying stuff.
  • And even if they were, there’s no way to manufacture it for them!

A double-whammy that decimates national wealth, erodes into personal savings, and puts us all on a difficult and slippery slope of uncertainty.

We could let all of this lead us down, into a vortex of fear.

We could become paralyzed by terror, and prepare to meet our fate.


We could do things DIFFERENTLY.

That is what my series of 4 short special reports is about.

It will show you how to:

THINK Differently.

PLAN Differently.

ACT Differently.

And PROMOTE Differently.

Because one definition of insanity is:

“Doing the same thing over and over again – but expecting a different outcome!”

No, it doesn’t work that way.

If you want a DIFFERENT outcome, you’ve got to do DIFFERENT things.

Or do the same things DIFFERENTLY.

In this report – and the three others to follow – I’m going to share a framework for BEING DIFFERENT.

  • In how you think and feel.
  • In how you plot and plan.
  • In how you take action.
  • In how you project and position yourself.

None of this is specific to a particular audience, or segment, or specialty.

It doesn’t matter

  • if you’re a software developer or stay at home entrepreneur,
  • if you’re a heart surgeon (like me!) or a middle-level manager,
  • if you’re a CEO or a daily-wage worker in an industry,
  • if you’re a steno typist in a company office or a long-haul truck driver for a firm…

or anything else.

You will find something of value in studying these FREE reports.

Because they are about your MINDSET.

And about how you can adapt and change it… to EVOLVE with the times.

Remember this powerful quote:

When the going gets tough, THE TOUGH GET GOING!

Let’s get going.



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