Travel Thoughts & Life’s Purpose

We were on the superfast RailJet from Salzburg, Austria to Zurich, Switzerland.

A few minutes back, the train had stopped at Innsbruck, a skiing resort where James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” was shot.  

Salzburg to Innsbruck to Zurich

Salzburg to Zurich

Shortly afterwards, glancing out of my window, I saw this… 

A beautiful mini-flower garden on the balcony of an Alpine cottage, that was flush with bunches of pretty, colorful blossoms.

Roses near Innsbruck

(Ok, so maybe it’s not the greatest photo, but then look at how fast we were zooming along!)

216 kmph train

The sight made me smile.

And set my thoughts off along a certain line.  

Our train had a little over three hundred passengers.  Even if I was the only one this horticultural creation made happy (and chances are that quite a few travellers had their day brightened at the sight of the delightful flower beds), if there were just 20 trains a day passing by this house, the gardener responsible for it would have brought a smile to 20 faces every day.

That’s over 7,000 smiles in a year! 

Or, even if the flowers were only in bloom during summer, it still would have made 2,000 people’s lives a wee bit better.

By just planting and tending to flowers.


For fun.

That’s the amazing thing about our lives.  

We touch everyone around us, in ways that are hard to imagine.

No man is an island to himself.  

We are threads in an intricately woven tapestry that runs beside, through and around several others.  

We are part of a connected whole that’s influenced, impacted and impressed by the things we do – even if we didn’t intend for them to.

It ties in with my philosophy that, in this world, everyone matters. Equally.

Even if they do “nothing of importance”.