Morning Is All Night Coming (SToM 3/6)

“You can have a million dollars… yet NOT be a millionaire!”

That’s intriguing.

Because the dictionary defines a ‘millionaire‘ as someone who has a million dollars.

Hmm… 🤔

Okay, so there’s this juicy investment of ours.

It’s stuck in bureaucratic paperwork.

A tangled mess that has to be sorted out – before we can get our hands on a chunk of cash.

I assigned this project to my wife.

The idea isn’t just that there’s a nice payoff once the task is finished.

It’s also that she’ll get a better idea – of what it takes to get it done!

Like any complex undertaking, success demands some things of you.




Hard work.

(Or sometimes, being smart is better!)

Meticulous record keeping.

Diligent attention to important details.

An understanding of process.

And people.

(As well as their psychology! 😯 )

It also helps to be honest and fair. Polite yet persuasive. Kind and friendly – but firm.

To strive for mutual wins.

And sometimes, to see the other side’s perspective – and respect their views, feelings and situation.

All this – and more – is what crowns any venture with success.


It’s also why so many lottery winners only have short-lived fame and prosperity.

Even if they hit the jackpot and receive an impressive sum of money, they simply burn through it fast…

And soon end up near where they began.

(If not worse off! 😢 )

That’s because they haven’t acquired the necessary financial skills and money-management experience.

  • To secure their winnings.
  • To safeguard, invest and grow their capital – into a fortune.
  • To build lasting wealth.
  • To scale ever higher.
  • To make their investments compound and multiply.


It’s the same with anything.

Being a millionaire isn’t just about a number on your bank balance.

It’s about WHO you become … in the course of earning it.

  • What skills did you acquire?
  • What attitudes did you imbibe?
  • What character traits did you nurture?
  • What habits did you develop?
  • What networks did you form?

All this – and more – is what makes you a true millionaire.


And with it, you’ll be able to replicate any success.

Over and over.

Even when you’re knocked down, you’ll get right back up.

Look at Trump. Or Musk. Or Adani.

(To name just a few contemporary figures.)

They all lost vast fortunes – and then roared right back to the top (or soon will).

History is replete with such figures.

Across fields of expertise.

And ranges of specialty.

Success always leaves clues.

We can learn from traces left behind by those who have won – or keep winning.

But unless we learn these precious lessons, our gains will only be transient.

That’s why there’s no such thing as an ‘overnight success’.

The title of my friend John Harricharan‘s book says it best:

Morning has been all night coming!