How To Drive Extra Traffic Using Twitter

What started as a quick way to share news snippetsĀ  has grown into a massive social media channel that celebrities, entrepreneurs and marketers have tapped into for website traffic.

And if you aren’t using Twitter to get visitors to your site in 2018, you’re missing out – because there are 330 million users on the platform who could be doing business with you!

Twitter can be helpful in

  • building your brand,
  • growing your reach,
  • engaging with your followers and
  • attracting visitors to your website

Interestingly, it also indirectly increases your website traffic by influencing your search engine ranking. Accounts with more shares, comments and ‘Likes‘ tend to rank higher on search results.

To make this happen, you must promote your Twitter account actively.

What To Promote On Twitter?

You can promote trends, your own tweets and your Twitter account to gain better exposure.

Running Twitter ads can help you generate leads and increase your audience just by promoting your content on the social network. The powerful element of Twitter advertising is that you can tailor your ads to be displayed to specific audiences.

Trending or ‘viral‘ topics are themes or stories that are popular across Twitter. The list of these terms and topics are frequently updated and shown on the left side of the page. By promoting a trend, you can be visible on these locations.

Tweets can also be individually promoted to appear on the feed of other users, even if they aren’t following you on Twitter. These are identified by a “Promoted by (Your Brand)” tag. Users can like, retweet and reply to them as with any other tweet.

Accounts can be promoted to show up under the “Who to follow” recommendations that Twitter occasionally presents on users’ timelines.

Prepare Before You Promote

Blindly running Twitter ads isn’t very effective. You should first optimize your website and Twitter feed with the right kind of content, including keywords that you want to be associated with.

  • Optimize your Twitter bio with relevant keywords.
  • Use the same keywords within your tweets.
  • Include them in captions for images you share.
  • Make them hashtags in your posts.

All of this makes it easy for Twitter users to find your page by searching on these terms.

Target The Right Audience

Your Twitter promotions should be directed at the appropriate audience.

  • One way to do this is by targeting your advertising by keywords or interests.
  • You can also upload your own list of Twitter users to reach with your ads.
  • You can even use code on your website to identify visitors, subscribers or people who download a freebie and reach them with follow up promotions on Twitter.

Leverage Hashtags

While trending topics indicate what’s popular across the network, you can also direct your promotional effects to more specific niche interests through the use of hashtags.

  • You may use a popular search term or phrase as a hashtag.
  • You can create a branded hashtag specific to your business.
  • You could choose hashtags that influencers in your niche use.

All of these tactics have a common goal… to gain more visibility for your tweets and promotions.

It is important to note that trending topics are regional and if you’re going to use popularity as a factor to decide the right ones to promote, then search for them by location and geography.

Include Images

Tweets that are accompanied by images have 20% greater engagement than plain text messages.

However, the images you share should be relevant to the message and of high quality.

Video works even better, with some studies indicating that 4 in 5 Twitter users watch video on the social network.

Conduct Polls And Surveys

One more way to boost engagement with your followers on Twitter is to ask them questions, or offer gifts and prizes.

Free giveaways that reward users for taking action are extremely popular. You could offer people a gift in exchange for sharing your tweets with their followers, or if they click on a link to register.

By adding a link back to your website or blog post on such a tweet, you can ensure a wider reach as new users share your tweet with their followers. Toss in a branded hashtag for more impact.

Running polls and surveys is another easy way to build interaction. Use it to get opinions on controversial issues, or answer a question, or identify the preferences of your audience.

Consistency Is King

Sheer volume isn’t an advantage on Twitter. If you overwhelm your followers by tweeting too often, they are more likely to block you or unfollow.

But by developing a routine for tweets that you stick to consistently, you’ll soon have users looking forward to hearing from you.

Stagger your posts to match the time periods when your followers are most active. You can use tools like TweetDeck to schedule posts in advance.

Interact With Your Network

It may not be possible to have one-on-one conversations with hundreds of followers on Twitter. But if you never engage in discussions with people who comment, share and retweet your posts, then you’ll slowly lose followers.

With each tweet being short-lived, it isn’t easy to win the attention of your followers. But by replying personally to individuals, and engaging influencers in your field, you can show that you’re actively nurturing your network.

This gradually wins over new followers, because everyone likes to have a conversation. This leads to more retweets, mentions and likes, all of which gives your site a ranking boost on search engines.

It’s a virtuous upward spiral – and it all begins when you interact with people.

If you’re not sure how to go about it, here’s a simple formula:

  • talk to them
  • follow them
  • share relevant information in your communication

Following them is helpful because, if they reciprocate, you can send and receive direct messages to each other privately.

Reach Out To The Stars

In any industry, field or market niche, there are some Twitter power users who have a huge following. They can help boost your credibility fast, and bring a flood of new followers to your brand.

Whenever a trusted influencer talks about you, their Twitter audience will head over to check out your page.

To derive the greatest benefit from influencer outreach, you can

  • create content that’s easy to share, and is valuable
  • aim to establish lasting relationships rather than seeking one-hit wins
  • give to receive – retweet and share their tweets with your audience often
  • make them look good to your followers, by framing them in a positive way, interviewing them, or inviting them to contribute to your blog

Several online tools like BuzzSumo can help you locate the top influencers in your area of interest. Use a keyword search to find the most popular Twitter users on that subject, including the number of followers, retweet ratio and average number of tweets they post.

Use Twitter’s Powerful Features

Twitter offers advanced search options that can help you run nuanced search queries across the network to identify users and tweets on a specific topic. This is helpful in identifying people who are likely to find your products or services interesting.

It also helps you track conversations about your brand and business, so that you can insert yourself into them and steer it in a desirable direction.

Sentiment search lets you find out if people are saying good or bad things about a particular brand or product or person. This can help target customers who are angry or upset with their current vendors and offer them an alternative.

You can even use it as a market research tool to see what Twitter users are asking about a product or competitor. You can answer them, while mentioning your service or product, and leaving a link to your website.

Tracking mentions by Twitter usernames can reveal potential new leads for your business.

These queries can be filtered by geographic location, keyword, interest areas and even phrases like “from” or “to” to give granular information about the topic or individual you’re researching. This is very helpful to local businesses who can narrow down the search area to their neighborhood for explosive results.

And filtering by recency helps identify potentially hot leads because these are people actively looking for solutions in the near term.

In Summary

Building up a following on Twitter and engaging your audience can be a great way to attract a signficant share of them to visit your blog and do business with you.

Twitter ads are an excellent way to extend your reach when you’re getting started. Targeting your audience by keywords, hashtags and conversation topics helps improve your chances of success.

Twitter’s advanced search tools offer you a simple way to insert yourself into ongoing conversations and introduce prospective buyers to your business, brand and offerings. Influencer outreach can boost this engagement to a higher level at a reasonable cost in time and effort.

So get cracking. Time’s a wasting. And 300+ million people are waiting for you on Twitter.