Why Do You Write Book Reviews?

I’ve invested dozens of hours in writing book reviews. For various reasons.

Reason #6: To Pause and Think About The Book

In the midst of a hectic work and life schedule, I squeeze out time to read. And in the past, I hardly ever found enough time to ponder upon what I’d read.

Nowadays, I carve out time for doing it – by writing book reviews.

It’s a chance to revisit the book and my reading strategies; recall favorite or insightful bits; re-live the experience. And then, share it in a review.

Reason #5: As a Reminder – for Myself

Think of it like taking notes in a classroom.

A book review can be a concise record of what you enjoyed the most in a book… The message. The phraseology. The structure and style. The story. The characters. Whatever.

Looking back on it years later, book reviews remind me what about that book was so special.


Reason #4: To Brag and Show Off

I’ll admit it. My book reviews are self-adulatory, in a sense.

And why not? If I ever manage to finish reading Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’, you can bet on it my book review will emphasize MY time and effort invested into the task!

Plus, it’s nice sometimes, to bask in the glow of getting through a challenging, literary or artsy-fartsy book!


Reason #3: As a Form of Writing

Recently, Mahendra Rathod shared an article with this quote: “Book reviews are a form of literature, or should be.”

I’ve always felt that book reviews are a distinct style of writing, just like copywriting, article writing or writing books and stories.

And I grab every opportunity to practice, refine and hone that skill.


Reason #2: To Thank the Author

I’ll often review a book just as a way to say ‘Thank you’ to the author – for giving me such a delightful reading experience.

Like I did recently with Manjul Bajaj‘s ‘The Other Man’s Wife‘, a stunning collection of short stories.

And Pervin Saket‘s ‘Urmila ‘ (She says: “Was a joy to read it“).

Or Mark Manson‘s ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fck

It’s the least I can do to reciprocate for the time, effort and creativity that went into their writing.


My #1 Reason To Write Book Reviews Is…

To Make You Want To Read It


Far and away, the single most important reason I write book reviews is to convince YOU to pick up a copy and read it.

I only endorse books that I really enjoy. And in my book reviews I try to explain the reasons why.

At the end, if you aren’t tempted to read a book after seeing my review, I have failed!

So, please share…

Why do YOU review books? Or even read book reviews?



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