Without Real Competition

“The toughest steel is forged in the hottest fire.”


Steel can only be forged in a furnace. Without exposure to extremely high temperatures, the metal wouldn’t be quite as strong.

Coal becomes a glittering diamond only after being crushed by intense pressure for thousands of years.

Competition is the stress that brings out the best in us humans.

It reveals the steel in your psyche. It exposes the diamond at your core.

This raises some concerns about today’s youngsters, who seemingly face stiffer competition, but in reality have it a lot easier than in the past.

Back when I was in high school, those who wanted to become engineers had only 3 universities to choose from. If you didn’t get into one, you changed career choices… out of compulsion!

So one had to work hard. Study desperately. And get lucky.

Otherwise, you didn’t get the career you dreamed of.

Fast forward to today. The biggest ‘problem’ for aspiring engineers is whether their chosen branch will be available in a college in their own home town – or if they’ll be forced to move to another city!

Everyone who wants an engineering college seat can get one – only the price and place will change. That’s not “competitive”.

Now what will happen when they face a really competitive environment somewhere down the line?

No matter where you are at this point in your career, “This is the easiest life is going to get!”

It’s true. These relatively minor struggles are meant to prepare you for the far tougher challenges to follow. It’s best to look on it as training – for life.

Without the pressure building up gradually, how will your inner diamond harden and shine? 

Without turning up the heat to an almost intolerable level, how will the steel in your soul toughen and grow strong?

Without this battle, this competition, this struggle to survive, thrive and excel…

Without it all, how will you become a real winner?

P.S. – If you don’t like too much competition or stress, you might enjoy my book.

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