Book Review : DIAL A FOR AUNTIES by Jesse Sutanto

‘Dial A for Aunties’ by Jesse Sutanto is a hilarious situational comedy which goes from being funny, to outrageously funny, to eventually ‘roll on the floor’ ridiculously funny in a really short time.

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The set up is crazy.

A girl and her family of aunties take on the world together. She’s set up for a potential match, sent on a blind date, and ends up murdering someone.

Then she sends out an SOS for her aunties – Dial A for Aunties – who set the ball rolling in what will be a zany effort to cover up the crime… in the middle of managing the largest event they’ve ever handled for a client.

“Don’t leave your big day to chance, leave it to the Chans!”

Yes, this family of wedding organizers decides to go ahead as scheduled with the ceremonies – while a ‘corpse’ lies hidden almost in plain sight!

Toss in

  • a romantic interest gone wrong,
  • a bunch of middle aged aunts with their quirky personalities,
  • a demanding and insecure bride,
  • a friendless groom who can’t even find the right best man,
  • a crowd of rowdy and drunk guests

– and the mixture becomes rich enough to explode.

The fuse is lit when a gang of criminals tries to sneak into the wedding – and steal all the gifts!

What ensues is a rollicking riot of near-accidents, hold-ups, false accusations and teary repentance.

All the while, everyone’s wondering about only one thing above all else…

Where has the dead body gone?

When they find out, you’ll be amazed – and amused. As by the way this incredibly tangled pickle eventually irons itself out in the end.

There are unexpected – and frankly, unbelievable – twists and turns to the tale. As it unwinds and grows more and more tangled, you’ll find yourself scratching your head and wondering how it’ll all get resolved afterwards.

  • A suspicious county sheriff sniffs around, convinced that something’s off with the entire show.
  • The weather conspires to make it harder for anyone to sneak away.
  • And the groomsmen turn out to be quite different from what anyone expects.
  • Oh, and the bride’s best friend chooses the occasion to reveal her own dark secret!

All the while, Meddelin Chan and her aunties try to tweak their plan to evade the cops and escape incarceration – without damaging their business brand or ruining the wedding celebrations!

If you’ve watched the film “Death At A Funeral“, you’ll get some idea of what’s in store when you read “Dial A for Aunties“.

And if your sense of humor doesn’t extend to the bizarre, dark and somewhat immoral, then you should give this one a miss.

Because “Dial A for Aunties” is deliciously naughty and totally irreverent when it comes to make you laugh out loud, from start to finish.

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