Book Review : DOUBLE CROSSER by Emme Gordon

In ‘Double Crosser‘ by Emme Gordon, Krish Thomas builds a billion-dollar business empire in alliance with a corrupt political fixer. Now he plans to steal a fortune from his own company!

But when a double-crosser queers the pitch, Krish must choose between his childhood promise to a friend… or the girl he loves. Can he reach his dream?

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Double Crosser is the fast-paced story of a rapid and sudden rise to wealth and fame.

Krish Thomas is a maverick entrepreneur who enters into an unholy alliance with a politico named Walter, builds a company, and grows it to massive success.

Driven by a promise to his childhood playmate, Krish makes choices that draw him relentlessly down a slippery slope. Tough negotiations, unethical deal-making and tangled compromises dog his progress.

And then he runs across the secret intrigues of a competitor who hates his guts… and will stop at nothing to bring Krish down.

All the while, trouble is also brewing on another front.

The duo’s questionable tactics show up on the radar of a detective at the agency looking into financial crimes. Things get more lively.

And then an ‘insider’ shows up… as a double crosser.

Double Crosser‘ is about how an ambitious businessman fights against his twin competing drives – the desire of his personal ambition, and the disgust at his increasingly unethical compromises – to tackle powerful forces aligned against him.

Will he survive the battle? And can his long-cherished dreams come true?

Set in rural south India, ‘Double Crosser‘ has some lovely depictions of village life. The dialog is crisp and to the point, which keeps the story moving ahead steadily. Descriptions and character sketches are neat, even if shallow and at times incomplete.

For instance, Benjy is introduced with great promise:

“Anger blazed from the boy’s dark eyes, radiating in a wave towards the older man. His body quivered in a volcanic rage, instantly transforming the mild teenager into a cornered animal. This was a dangerous young man, thought Ramesh to himself.”

But then, he turns out to be simply a dogged sleuth with bulldog tenacity, determined to solve the crime he’s looking into.

There’s a love story in the background that will make you ache for the poor girl who is unrequited in her affections. And the hapless accountant who falls victim to pressures far beyond his tolerance lends a somber tone to the tale.

All of this is however peripheral to the real excitement and action – which centers around the ruthless ambition of a savvy politician and his boss, countered by the idealism and determination of the hero and his resourceful cousin.

Together this duel makes ‘Double Crosser‘ a very satisfying read.

Double Crosser‘ has some surprising plot twists to keep it interesting right to the very end. It’s a powerful story driven by strong characters whose passion conveys itself through excellent writing.

This is a story that will grip your attention and hold it right through to a satisfying climax. A great pick for a lazy weekend, or bedtime reading to end the day.

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