Book Review : EAT THAT FROG by Brian Tracy

A startling title sets apart this simple yet effective guide on higher productivity and how to beat procrastination to manage your time better.

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There are dozens and dozens of books about time management. I’ve studied many of them, in an attempt to become more efficient with my writing projects.

Some helped. Others didn’t. Only few stand out as being remarkable.

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating‘ by Brian Tracy is among these few – because it simplifies the task of time management into a simple set of actionable steps and principles.

While it is intellectually satisfying to study stuff like the Pomodoro technique, or philosophize about the nature of procrastination, or debate the pros and cons of using digital task managers, what it boils down to is this…

Does a book on time management actually help you save time?

With ‘Eat The Frog‘, the answer is an unequivocal ‘Yes, definitely’.

One reason for this is how brief the book and its lessons are. A slender little paperback, it can seem not quite up to the task – especially if you’re a believer in heft of a book being a measure of its value.

But once you start reading, all doubts vanish. Brian Tracy wastes no time. He gets right into the heart of it.

You’ll learn about the critical elements of higher productivity.

  • How to plan your day and assign tasks.
  • How to prioritize and execute the most important work first.
  • How to delegate chores you shouldn’t be wasting any time on.
  • How to monitor progress and keep things on track.
  • How to beat procrastination and get started.

To be frank, there isn’t anything groundbreaking or ‘new’ in this little book. But the way Brian Tracy has presented and packaged the trite wisdom of time management is both novel and interesting.

His advice is simple, sweet and yet wildly effective. It urges you to take note, and then follow up by taking action.

As with any self help book, simply learning what to do isn’t helpful. You should actually do it. And that’s where Tracy’s inspirational tone kicks in. It gets you off your backside and willing to take action.

For some readers, ‘Eat That Frog‘ might seem overly simplistic to the point you could miss its real power and impact.

Yes, the ideas are simple. And they work very well – maybe because of that!

If you’re looking for deeply analytical studies into the science of efficiency, then Eat That Frog‘ isn’t right for you. Because this is a book of homilies and elegant truths, not complex theory, or highfalutin concepts, or innovative ideas.

You’ll get fair guidance on what to do, and why you should.

And every page, sentence, even word is chosen carefully to keep on track with the core message… how to become more effective and manage your time better.

Just skimming through the table of contents will give you an idea of what’s covered in the book:

  • Plan Every Day In Advance
  • The 80/20 Rule
  • Practice Creative Procrastination
  • Focus on Key Result Areas
  • Apply the Law of Three


  • Prepare Thoroughly Before You Begin
  • Upgrade Key Skills
  • Leverage Your Special Talents
  • Identify Your Constraints
  • Maximize Your Personal Power


  • Motivate Yourself into Action
  • Slice and Dice the Task
  • Create Large Chunks of Time
  • Develop a Sense of Urgency
  • Single Handle Every Task

See what I mean?

Just practical, everyday advice – that you can take into consideration, and implement… starting right now.

Eat That Frog‘ sounds like a weird title – and it is, until you read Brian Tracy’s reason for choosing it. I toyed with the idea of sharing it here in this review, but then decided to leave it for you to be surprised as you read the book!

Brian Tracy’s writing style is punchy and direct, in keeping with his being a motivational speaker, sales trainer and direct selling marketer.

The language and tone is exactly what you’d like from a self help book.

Instruction. Guidance. Inspiration.

With ‘Eat That Frog!‘, you get all three in large doses.

Read the book. Save time.

Then use that wisely – to read even more good books.

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