Book Review : URMILA by Pervin Saket

‘Urmila‘ by Pervin Saket is a lovely read that appeals on many levels. It’s a story that will take an egg-whisk to your feelings, stir up emotions and get under your skin. Having recently read Kavita Kane’s book about Urmila, I appreciated the parallels Pervin loosely draws between her heroine and Lakshman’s wife in the … Read more

Book Review : KEEP CALM AND MOMMY ON by Tanu Shree Singh

‘Keep Calm and Mommy On‘ is a book that dares you to dream bigger. To anticipate a richer, better, more fulfilling experience in raising a child. And to do it, not with rosy hopes and unreal fantasy, but while being rooted in solid ground truths and sober pragmatism. “That is exactly what motherhood seems like … Read more

Book Review : KOI GOOD NEWS by Zarreen Khan

Zarreen Khan’s ‘Koi Good News?‘┬áis a deliciously humorous peek into the pregnancy of a Punjabi couple, Mona and Ramit Deol. By the end of this nice little story, you’ll feel more informed about how different people think, feel and behave – when a family is expecting a new addition! Crafted in a unique storytelling style, … Read more

Book Review : THE WOMAN WHO SMASHED CODES by Jason Fagone

The Woman Who Smashed Codes by Jason Fagone - Book Review

When “The Woman Who Smashed Codes“, a riveting tale of Elizebeth Friedman, the greatest lady codebreaker of WW-II, ended… I wished it hadn’t. Because after being so deeply immersed in a fascinating narrative, it felt like being rudely wrenched back into the “real world”. Sometimes, rarely, you enjoy reading a book so much that you … Read more


What a fascinating journey down the history of our universe, planet and species. In ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything‘, Bill Bryson invites us to join him on an eye-opening voyage of exploration and learning – one that spans just about everything that’s ever happened in history! It’s just one mindgasm after another! Many years … Read more

Book Review : THE FOX by Frederick Forsyth

The Fox by Frederick Forsyth - Book Review

The Master is still at the top of his Game! The Fox is Frederick Forsyth‘s latest novel and a worthy descendant in the rich lineage of thriller/spy classics the author of several bestsellers is known for. A fast-moving tale of a teen hacking prodigy, and how his skills might be deployed with devastating impact in … Read more


Corruption is a dirty word. And this is a book about it. An analytical, informative and data-backed expose of the kind of rampant abuse of political and other kinds of power to enrich an elite, ‘Why Scams Are Here To Stay’ is a dismal, realistic treatise on the realities of modern power politics. This book … Read more

Book Review : TRAVELLING IN A STRANGE LAND by David Park

Travelling in a Strange Land by David Park - Book Review

That an entire novel involves a drive through a blizzard to pick up his sick teenage son who is stranded in a college hostel miles away from home is intriguing. The story that emerges in bits and pieces along the long ride is fascinating, gripping. The powerful message that you get at the end is … Read more


The All Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion by Fannie Flag - Book Review

The existential angst of a woman who discovers- only as she approaches age sixty – that she was actually adopted as a baby sets the stage for a lively story that flits back and forth between the early 20th century and today. I have a rule of thumb. If a book makes me laugh out … Read more

Book Review : The 1,000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford

The 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford - Book Review

Some books, you remember because of a compelling storyline or entertaining anecdotes, or its powerful characters. Others, because of the gripping or moving style of writing. ‘The 1,000 Year Old Boy‘ is memorable for something else… the point of view it raises – the real value of being immortal. The fountain of youth. The Holy … Read more