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The Icedrop

The Icedrop

A delightful novel in the footsteps of Jonathan Seagull.

Freed from a glacier he's been trapped inside for years, little Adrian Icedrop is inspired by a mentor to pursue his dream... and learns about how to live out his destiny..

It's too noisy near the surface. To be able to concentrate with all your being, you must shut out all distractions. You must listen with your soul.


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In the footsteps of Richard Bach's "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" comes an allegorical novel, "The Icedrop"... sharing a story that will resonate within you, and reveal the Truth.

It's a story for people who are confused and uncertain about whether it's okay to follow their hearts... people who wonder if they're the only square pegs in round holes... people who feel instinctively that there's got to be more to life than what they've experienced: they'll be right there with Adrian as he trickles, flows and then cascades down from a mountain top to the bottom of an ocean... learning, growing and being guided in the same way as a curious icedrop.

Freed from a glacier within which he's been trapped for years, young Adrian Icedrop is inspired by a mentor to pursue his dream and live out his destiny.

He sets out on a long journey. Along the way, Adrian meets many people, makes new friends and experiences things he's never imagined. After weeks of adventure and self-discovery, he reaches his destination - 40,000 leagues under the sea.

There he will meet the Grand Water Drop... who refers him to a Higher Authority... where finally, Adrian hears a message that stuns and transforms him.

It's a message that will free YOU, too - as you unlock the mystery and magic of existence. Read "The Icedrop" today.

This is a story to let you fly higher, go further, live bigger than you've ever dreamed.

A brilliant piece of work filled with wisdom, joy, hope and all good things.
John Harricharan, award-winning author of 'Morning Has Been All Night Coming'
This beautifully written, lovely story, is an analogy for understanding the bigger picture of what life is about.
Rosalyn Bronstein
Definitely gave me the message i have been searching for.... I feel so good now.
A book that every one should read to be galvanised into get-set mode.
Dileepa Lawrence Hewa
Nice journey with the snowdrop which I could feel myself engulfed in.
Rashmi Pakkiri Murugan

From curious but ignorant icedrop to wise and enlightened icedrop, Adrian's travel and story will thrill and inspire you. Read 'The Icedrop' today.

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